Why the Winter Olympics are More Important Than the Summer Olympics

Let’s face it. The Summer Olympics are for wusses. You have a bunch of athletes running around next to naked because it’s so warm. Now is this realistic? No. It’s just an excuse to show as much T & A as possible on TV.

The Winter Olympics are the real Olympics. Ask any Canadian. The Winter Olympics have all of the best sports. Seriously. Look at the speed skaters – they move a lot faster than runners. Or the Snowboarders – there’s nothing like snowboarding in the Summer Games. Hockey – the fastest and most violent sport in the world – only in the Winter Games. Ice Dance – one of the most beautiful of all sports.

The Summer Games are fun. Just look at all those tanned bodies. But the Winter Games are what matter.

I am a Canadian. If Ice and Snow aren’t involved, it’s not a real sport.

If you wonder why I haven’t been writing or answering emails for the last couple of weeks – now you know. I’ve been glued to the TV set watching the greatest sporting event on earth. I promise to get back to work now 🙂


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