Alice in Wonderland – 3D Masterpiece?

My daughter took me to see Alice in Wonderland on Saturday. I’ve been a big fan of Lewis Carroll’s writing since my long ago teens when I first read Alice In Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, and many of his smaller works. The man did things that no one else had ever done to that point – his writing skills were incredible.

I’m also a big fan of Tim Burton. I love the man’s work. Batman was incredible, as was Batman Returns (after which the Batman franchise devolved quickly). Beetlejuice was hugely enjoyable. The Nightmare Before Christmas – well you get the picture.

The problem with going to a theatre is that the pain can be atrocious. The seats are uncomfortable, very uncomfortable, for someone who suffers from chronic pain. And my wife and daughter made the reservations the night before, so when I woke up hurting badly I was stuck with them.

So I popped a lot of pills, and went. And kept on popping pills. So there are parts of the movie I don’t remember all that well. Quite frankly I was so stoned that this isn’t a movie review. It is however a technology review.

3D is supposed to be the biggest and most exciting thing since colour. Well, it isn’t. 3D does add a bit of ‘dimension’ to the movie. A bit. But it’s just not that compelling. OK, so I’m not the greatest person to be reviewing it. But really – it’s not all that special.

So what will happen to all those theatres who are adding 3D? Nothing. They aren’t going to make huge new hauls of money. But current customers may enjoy the movies a bit more. Which will put more pressure on other theatres to also install it. So it adds another cost, but doesn’t bring in more money. This stresses the theatres economically. 3D instead of being a saviour, could end up killing the theatres who adopt it.

I guess we’ll see.

Wayne Borean

Wednesday March 10, 2010


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