The Little Red Hot Rod – Honda Fitt – A Good Fit For the Twenty-First Century

Last fall I bought a new car – a Fire Engine Red 2009 Honda Fitt Sport. The car was loaded with everything except the Navigation package. Nav is useful if you drive to a lot of places that you don’t know well. Since I drive the same places over and over, I didn’t need it. One thing that I didn’t want, but that the kids asked for was an automatic transmission. All three of them promised me that they would learn how to drive if the car had an automatic. Curiously none of them have yet gone to get their Learners Permit. I should have got the standard!

What we have is a five door car, with rear seat head room that my 6’3″ middle son finds comfortable, with a 1.5L, 112 horsepower engine. So far I’ve put 12,000 kilometres on the car, and quite frankly it’s a great little beast. The seats are incredible – I suffer from chronic pain in my left leg, and the seats in the Fitt are really conformable, unlike the seats at the movie theatre on Saturday.

Fuel economy is a joy – 50 miles per gallon (Imperial) on the highway. When gas is over $1.00 per litre, it costs less than $35.00 Canadian to fill the car up. It handles wonderfully in the snow, quite frankly it was a joy to drive this winter.

Problems? Only one. Whoever programmed the Cruise Control messed up big time. If you have Cruise Control on, and you hit a hill, rather than accelerating slowly, the throttle will drop to the floor. This messes up fuel economy badly. If you want to stretch your fuel as far as possible, you are better off not using Cruise.

I’ve owned a lot of cars since I bought my first one when I was eighteen, of nearly every single make sold in Canada, including other Hondas, and this is the best car I’ve ever had. It’s a great little car, and I recommend it highly.

Wayne Borean

Wednesday March 10, 2010


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