Your Interview With Prime Minister Harper

Right. I want to interview a politician. You know, those guys who could walk under a snake, wearing a top hat.

Kidding aside, someone in the Prime Minister’s Office had a good idea. They recorded Prime Minister Harper, uploaded the recording to YouTube, and then set up a page so that Canadians could ask him questions back.

I like this. One problem that most countries have is getting the electorate politically motivated. By engaging the electorate this way, hopefully more will show up at the voting booth, join political parties, and write letters to the editor (and blog posts), etc. You have to give the Prime Minister’s Office marks for trying. There are problems with the system they’ve chosen, however this is a first attempt, and hopefully they’ll learn ways of being more effective in future.

Of course that still doesn’t make Stephen Harper my favourite Prime Minister. The guy has been, and is a disaster. The only reason he won enough seats in the last election to retain his position as Prime Minister (in a minority government again) is that his competition has been worse.

Canadian Politics – Ottawa is where we send all of the incompetents who can’t make it in the real world. There used to be a lot of jokes about how the only way to protect the local economy was to send Stan Darling (Tony Clement’s predecessor) to Ottawa. And unfortunately it’s true.

Wayne Borean

Thursday March 11, 2010


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