FilKONtario 20 – April 9 – 11, 2010

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Yes, this is an ad. And yes, I will be there.

FilKONtario 20

FilKONtario is one of the major Filk music conventions. Filk is the Folk Music of Science Fiction and Fantasy Fandom. Song topics may include Cats, Babylon 5, Star Trek, Cats, Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons, Cats, Cartoons, Computers, Cats, The Society for Creative Anachronisms, General Insanity, and Cats. No one knows why, but it’s impossible to get rid of the cats, they are almost as bad as the penguins… Yes, penguins. Somehow in the first year we ended up with a penguin for the convention mascot. I know who is to blame, but I’m not telling 🙂

Tux with Guitar

It was just over twenty years ago, that my wife had a great idea. She’s a musician, she loves Filk, and there really wasn’t a lot of Filk happening locally, so she decided to run a convention. She roped several of us into the madness, and we soon had a convention committee up and running. It was a lot of work, but everyone had a great time, and wanted us to do it again!

So this is the 20th FilKONtario. I’m no longer on the organizing committee (health issues) but I have a vested interest in advertising it – after all, if you come, I’ll get to hear your music. So come on out, and bring your instruments! If you don’t play, that’s fine. Music isn’t music without listeners.

Guest List:

You can download the Convention Progress Report here (PDF Warning).

Hall of Fame Inductees

Frank Hayes and Erica Neely were inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame last year. This year’s inductees will be announced at the Hall of Fame Banquet Saturday evening. Come and find out who is being honoured for their contributions to filk! You can check out the Filk Hall of Fame links on the left.

Special Events:

The Interfilk Auction is on Saturday night. Interfilk is a charity which pays for filkers to travel to conventions across the world. The items that are auctioned off pay for the travel expenses involved.

I don’t know what will be in the auction, it’s different every year. One year Tanya Huff offered a Tuckerization. Ingrid made the winning bid, and gave it to Cathleen. And that’s why a character in her novel Heart of Valor loves catalogues… I don’t know if Tanya intends to do that this year, but there’s always special things at the auction

New Convention

Toronto will have a new general science fiction convention in the fall of 2010. SFContario is going to be held downtown, close to all the amenities Toronto has to offer, and it is going to be very filk-friendly, since some of FKO’s concom are helping out with the planning.  Please visit their website at!


All of the attendees are here to sing and play with their friends. No one associated with the convention in any way is paid for their services (except that our guests of hounour are refunded their travel costs, and we pay their hotel bill during the convention.)


Friday April 9/2010:

  • Sally Headford
  • Randy Hoffman
  • Earth to the Moon space concert/slide show (a variation on the highly acclaimed Anticipation concert)

Saturday April 10/2010:

  • Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff
  • Erica Neely
  • Mark Simmons
  • Brooke Lunderville
  • Song Contest

Sunday April 11/2010:

  • Filk Hall of Fame Concert
  • Dead Penguin Filk


Saturday morning

  • Jeff:       Guitar gathering
  • Mark:   “Death Sucks” or “Fangs for the Memories” – integrating modern vampires into songs and stories

Sunday morning:

  • Erica:   Performance tips aimed at people moving from filk circles to one-shots and from one-shots to concert sets.
  • Maya:  Cosmic Quarters and Bubble Gum Balls: Generating Ideas for Story and Song

Come and celebrate spring with song, at FilKONtario.

Wayne Borean

Wednesday March 17, 2010

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