Who's Blog Is This Anyway? Off-Topic Comments, and why I kill them.

I believe in Free Speech. Always have. Always will. In fact I invite people to come here, and if they disagree to let me know. Every time someone posts, I learn something. Hopefully they are learning too.

And then there’s SPAM. There’s more than one type of spam. I get a lot of ‘link spam’ where someone says something along the lines of ‘nice article’ and there’s a link at the bottom, which if you follow it, typically takes you to a web page that will try and sell you Viagra, or access to videos which haven’t hit the stores yet. In other words, someone is trying to make a buck, in a less than honest manner.

Then there’s off-topic posts. Someone pops up, and posts about Birth Control in an article on Digital Rights Management.

I’d better give some background. A while back I wrote a less than complimentary post about Lefty. Lefty responded, as did several other people, who when I checked all seemed to be the same person, and all of whom were attacking Lefty over something they claimed that he had done. And I let them post. After all, this was on Blogger, and the reason I had the account on Blogger was it was free, and I wanted to practise my writing. I wasn’t writing on anything important, just writing for the sake of writing.

Then things got serious. There were a couple of issues that I felt strongly about, I started writing on them, and got some great feedback. And some really negative feedback. There were people who wrote me privately about the war games that were going on in the comments. Let’s face it, it didn’t look very professional. So when I got the new blog, I was a lot more stringent about comment moderation. Then I found out that there were incoming links to my old Blogger posts – my Blogger Account was being cited as proof that Lefty was some sort of evil maniac. That’s right. They posted to try and convince me that Lefty was bad, nasty, evil, whatever. Then they post elsewhere citing the posts that they were trying to use to convince me as proof.

Letting them comment was a mistake. They weren’t responding to the issues, they were just attacking Lefty. Maybe he deserved it. Maybe he didn’t. Quite frankly some of the evidence that they posted (which included emails) looked faked, and it isn’t all that hard to fake that sort of stuff. But it could have been real. I had no way to tell, and I wasn’t around to witness the various things that were alleged to have happened. But the posts were off-topic. Way off-topic. They weren’t even trying to discuss the issues that I thought were important. And this is my blog. I’ve done a lot of work on it. By posting the way they did, they were showing a complete lack of respect.

So at the beginning of March I went back and wiped out EVERY off-topic comment. All of them. So now the links pointing to my articles were missing the proof that they were claiming.

I was wondering what the response would be. I got this email 13 days ago. I looked at it, and then let it sit. I was busy on another project, and it really wasn’t all that important that I respond immediately. In fact I could just have ignored it. But then I thought about it a bit more, and decided that I needed to say something. The level of disrespect that the writer was showing to me, and to what I’m trying to do, needed an answer.

Anyway, here’s the email:

Subject: more evidence you deny, to cover the ass of an enemy of Free Software. why, wayne, why do you do this?

From: Nas Rudra

To: Wayne Borean

show details: Mar 21 (13 days ago)

I still want an apology for you calling Schlesinger’s victims the stalkers in this situation, for I am far from alone.

Basically the writer is complaining because at one point I commented jokingly that it looked like Lefty was suffering from multiple personality disorder, and was attacking himself. Yeah, it was in bad taste. But the comments were showing in a weird order that made it look like possibly Lefty had made some of the ones attacking him (he hadn’t, I checked the IP addresses later).

So he/she/it/they don’t like Lefty. That’s fine. They are free to set up their own website attacking him. Blogger accounts are still free. They can do whatever they want on their site.

They can’t do whatever they want on my site. I set the rules here. If they want their posts to appear, they have to respect the rules.

Come on in. You can spit on the mat, and call the cat a bastard. As long as you are on topic.

Wayne Borean

Saturday April 3, 2010

PS: Happy Easter!


6 thoughts on “Who's Blog Is This Anyway? Off-Topic Comments, and why I kill them.

  1. I emailed the person in question to let them know about this post. They have so far sent me three emails, one of which said:

    you do not have permission to reproduce any email that I have sent you, and I politely request that you remove any and all such from your blog as a simple matter of courtesy

    I emailed them back asking if he had Lefty’s permission to quote Lefty’s emails. He claims that he has. I’ll have to check that with Lefty, out of curiosity. Not that I really care one way or the other. If you send me an email, complaining about my public actions, in response to your public actions, then your email is public too. Or at least the part of it which I feel like publishing is public, I edited out part of it which I deemed off-topic.

    Remember – the enemy of your enemy may not be your friend. They may be an enemy you didn’t know you had yet.


    1. No, of course he doesn’t have my “permission” to reproduce my emails. Nor does he have my permission to anonymously defame me wherever he thinks he can get away with it, nor to attempt to interfere with my employment or the employment of members of my immediate family.

      As usual, Jxxxx Cxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxx, aka Mxxxxxx Rxxxx Nxxx, is a pathological liar.

      He does have my permission to turn himself in to the Merced County Sheriff’s department in response to the criminal complaint for stalking and harassment which is currently open against him there.

      1. I’ve approved your comment – with his/her/its name obscured. If you want to post his name on your site, that’s fine. I won’t allow it here.

        The point being, I don’t really care which one of you is right or wrong. I don’t care about your fight. I do care about the integrity of my own site. As the immortal bard said in his classic play Romeo and Juliet, A plague o’ both your houses.

        Gotta love Billy Shakespeare – he sure wrote some beauties!

  2. Wayne,

    If you claim to be bipartisan you should have deleted Lefty’s comment entirely, not just censor names. Lefty’s claims cannot be verified either and will just cause a flame war on both sides.

    1. I don’t claim to be bi-partisan – I am. I’m exceptionally annoyed at both sides.

      There. One comment from you. One from Lefty. That makes things even.

      As regards to the flame war – you are welcome to have one, just not here. If anyone was worried about a flame war, they wouldn’t have been sending me inflammatory emails accusing me of several crimes, including treason. Curious. I didn’t sign onto either side, so how could I be guilty of treason? Quite frankly I don’t believe either side. Lefty claims he’s a saint. Yeah, right. If he was a saint he wouldn’t have written his inaccurate attack on Richard Stallman. The point being that Lefty is terrified of the Linux kernel adopting Stallman’s GPL V3.0, which mean that his company would have to adopt another kernel for its cell phones. He was less than pleased when I suggested that they use the BSD kernel instead, even though the BSD kernel uses a permissive license.

      And as to restarting the flame war – since it never stopped, that’s a non-issue. All I’ve done was to limit it’s damage here, and to explain what I did and why. It appears that certain people believe that I do not own my own site, and I am supposed to allow everyone to do whatever they want. In this they are wrong, and I will run this place as I see fit.

      I do encourage participation. I do not encourage accusations and name calling.


      PS: This thread is now closed. No further comments will be accepted, nor do I intend to cover the issue again.

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