Notes For The Last Week

I’ve been recuperating from attending FilKONtario 20. Spending a weekend on a hotel where everything is a long walk, wasn’t the best thing I could have done, but I got to see people, hear some good music, and talk.

Acarya, a new user hear pointed me out to the new Moon OS website. I had been concerned when the old website went dark, but the Moon OS crew is still there, and working on Moon OS 4.0, which will once again be based on Ubuntu, using the E17 (Enlightenment) desktop, a real winner as far as I’m concerned. I had installed Moon OS 2 on my old P733 Thinkpad, and it ran really nicely, hardware detection was a breeze, and the interface is way nicer than the OSX, Gnome, KDE, and Windows interfaces. Yes, Moon OS is my favourite operating system! Download it and try it, it’s really neat.

Goblin over at OpenBytes has a new post titled When must you shill for Linux? – A rather disturbing idea about some interesting things that he found when he went to install Elive on his system. Goblin wasn’t happy with what he found, and he won’t be running Elive any time soon. Neither will I. Elive also uses Enlightenment, so I recommended that he try Moon OS as a replacement. The comments on this article are almost as interesting as the article 🙂

I bought an M-Audio ProFire 2626 audio recording hub. It’s really nice, does a far better job than the older unit I was using, my only issue was that it came with FireWire 400 ports, and my computer has FireWire 800 ports. A quick trip to Staples and I had an adapter cable (FireWire 400 is compatible with FireWire 800, but the ports are different), and everything was up and running relatively quickly. So far I’ve only tested it with my MacBook (none of my Linux boxes have Firewire ports). The results with the MacBook were great.

Debbie Ohi has written an article the response she got from Fictionwise when she asked them if they were planning an IPad version of their software. They apparently aren’t planning an IPad version, and the IPhone version doesn’t work all that well on the IPad. This is a great illustration of the disadvantages to the consumer of DRM. If the files weren’t DRMed someone else could write an application for EReader books, and Debbie could use that. Since DRM is used, Debbie is out of luck, unless Fictionwise changes their minds. James Gannon should take note of this, however since it disproves his theory I expect him to ignore it.

Wayne Borean

Sunday April 18, 2010


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