Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves – Selling Open Office on the Web

Open Office is a great product. It’s capable, inexpensive (free to download), and reliable.

So of course the scammers have to crawl out of the closet. Today I was looking at my spam box, and noticed an email titled ‘2010 Version of Open Office – Your Complete Office Solution’, which got me curious. I followed the link in the email to this site, where I can download a copy of Open Office after paying them a ‘support’ charge.

Now it’s legal to charge for support – there’s no problem here. The problem is that you can go to OpenOffice.Org and download a copy without having to pay. In fact I suspect (but I’m not going to pay to find out) that if I did pay, I’d be downloading from the Open Office website, and that they won’t tell me that I can do this.

Which is why I consider this a scam. Warn your friends.

Wayne Borean

Thursday July 8, 2010


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