Barry Sookman Works For The Canadian Recording Industry Association

For the last six months I’ve been calling on Barry Sookman to disclose who he was working for. Barry claims that his blog is his personal thoughts. I claim that everyone is affected by their friends and relatives, their work, and other contacts, and that therefore his employer has an affect on his blog, and must be disclosed.

Barry has avoided the issue. He knows that I know who he is working for. He knows that if I can get him to publicly state who he is working for, I can do damage to his cause, and therefore his best option was to say nothing (which is an oddity in it’s own right – Barry is ever more verbose than I am), while I continue to pretend that I don’t know who he’s working for, and that I can’t find out who he’s working for.

But the cat is now out of the bag. A comment was made on the blog, and I decided to let it stand. Barry Sookman works for the Canadian Recording Industry Association.

At this point you have to ask why Barry wouldn’t admit this? He knew that the information was available to anyone who checked the list of Canadian Lobbyists. But he wouldn’t make a public admission. This is delivers an interesting message. I believe that he thinks that the admission of who he works for will damage his reputation as a writer on copyright issues. And it will – he claims to be a Canadian writing on Canadian issues, but he is paid by foreign companies, specifically EMI, Sony BMG, Warner, and Universal.

When you compare the opinions stated in Barry’s blog, they match the opinions of the Canadian Recording Industry Association, in fact they are so close that I haven’t been able to find any difference. But Barry has been claiming that they are ‘his’ opinions, and avoiding telling anyone who he works for. Even when he is interviewed in the media he doesn’t admit that he is working for the CRIA.

I’ve been told many times that Barry is a nice guy. But really it doesn’t matter how nice he is. What matters is his actions, and his actionsare those of a man who knows he is morally in the wrong.


Wayne Borean

Friday July 23, 2010


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