Moments In Time – Quilted By Heather

My wife is an avid quilter, and has been for quite some time. Both of our fathers received special quilts which were designed based on their interests (my Dad’s quilt had a picture of his favorite dog, pool cues, and playing cards, her Dad’s included genealogy and church images).

Recently quilting has gotten a lot harder for her, as she had been hand sewing everything, and arthritis in her hands made sewing difficult (I probably shouldn’t mention this, she turns fifty in December). But we were able to pick up a special sewing machine, that was designed specifically for quilting, and with it she has been able to do things that had become impossible. And do them a lot quicker than she had been able to when every stitch was sewn by hand.

Needless to say, she’s flying right now. She’s been having such a good time, that she’s decided to start a quilting business, making personalized quilts to order, and hopes to have her own website up shortly. As a result our front room now has a long work table in one end, a set of shelves full of fabric boxes, thread boxes, and all sorts of other unknown (to me) things.

Needless to say things are getting interesting at our house. I’d never been all that interested in quilting before, but seeing the beautiful work that Heather has produced, has widened my horizons.

Oh, and as you may have guessed from the title, the name of her business is:

Moments In Time – Quilted By Heather

I’ll post a link to her website here when it is up.


Wayne Borean

Wednesday September 1, 2010


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