Building Your Own Axe – A Guitar Player's Dream – Or Nightmare

I have to admit, I’m not even sure how many guitars I have owned any more. Not that I’m the world’s greatest guitarest, the need to switch from playing right to playing left caused a few problem. The amount of pain I’ve been in, has caused other problems. But I love music, and guitars. The problem is of course, that there aren’t a hell of a lot of left handed instruments available. Let’s face it, the guitar manufacturers mostly don’t give a damn about us southpaws.

Last night I was catching up on the posts over at the Lefty Guitar Trader Forum (my thanks to Jesse for providing a valuable service to the community), and I caught one that had a link to the online site of the Guardian newspaper. The Guardian had run an article about building your own guitar, mentioning people like Brian May, who had done it. I’ve read the article three times so far. The idea of trying to build your own, perfect guitar, is totally intriguing.

Now I’ll admit that I’m not sure how well I will do at it. But it’s something that worth trying, if only to learn something!

The article has a lot of links to other articles. For instance this one on building a solid body electric. And of course people video just about everything these days, including lessons on how to make a guitar.

Isn’t that beautiful?

I am seriously contemplating trying this. Hey, I might learn something. Actually I will learn something, even it I fail. And maybe I’ll have some fun doing it.


Wayne Borean

Friday September 3, 2010


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