I Promise To Vote In The Ontario 2010 Municipal Election

Yesterday I started a Facebook Group called I Promise to vote in the Ontario 2010 Municipal Election. Since I’ve reached voting age, I’ve missed only one election (I had the flu). But all too often when I go to vote municipally, I see empty voting booths, and poll workers who are bored stiff, because the public they are trying to serve just isn’t showing up. In the last Municipal election, my father (who was suffering from advanced prostate cancer at the time) was proud to show up to vote with his eldest grandson helping him to walk. His eldest grandson had just turned eighteen the summer before, and was going to vote for the first time.

It’s time to change this. We, the citizens of this province, need to not only go out to vote ourselves, we need to encourage our friends, relatives, and yes even our enemies to get out and VOTE!

How can we do this? Lots of ways. The Facebook Group is a start. Blog posts is another. Talk to people at work, at the bowling alley (or curling rink, or whatever you do in your free time), or in Timmies when you go in for your morning fix. The important thing is to do it, and keep doing it until election day.

For years the level of participation in Ontario Municipal elections has been dropping. We have two weeks until voting day. Can we change this?

Sure we can. We just have to do it, and we won’t do it by sitting back quietly moaning that no one is voting. If we all pull together, we can reverse the trend, and have more voters participate than in the last election.

Remember, voting day is Monday October 25, 2010!


Wayne Borean

Monday October 11, 2010


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