Jim Prentice Resigns His Post As Environment Minister

As most of you know, I used to work in the environmental industry. There are a lot of machines out there which have catalytic converter cores that I helped to design. I know a lot about the science involved, including what vehicle emissions do to people.

As a result Environment Canada is one of the government agencies on my watch list. A lot of the staff that I dealt with over the years is probably still there. I know of some of the legislative proposals that were under consideration which never came before parliament, and some of the background of why certain decisions were taken.

And then today Jim Prentice resigned his post as Environment Minister.

Initially this didn’t quite make sense. Yes, his statement said that he only intended to be in politics for eight to ten years, and since he was at the nine year point, and that it was time to move on. But I had to wonder. A lot of people I know thought highly of Jim Prentice. Very highly. Even with all of the controversies that he ended up dealing with, he still had a fairly good reputation. The sort of reputation that would indicate a man who would consider public service important, and unlikely to resign so abruptly.

However as Environment Minister he was all but invisible. So we have a highly active politician, who is fairly well liked, considered intelligent, in a high profile position, who does nothing. And then resigns.

OK, so I’m a cynical old bastard (FYI, I’m six months younger than Jim Prentice). Somehow I get the impression that Jim Prentice was purged. I can’t prove this. But I have this nasty feeling. If I’m right, I have a strong feeling who will go next. The question is, should I renew my membership in the Conservative Party and try to do something about it?


Wayne Borean

Friday November 5, 2010


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