Do You Know Who You Work For Officer Bubbles And All Those Other Officers Who Took Off Their ID Badges

Adam Joseph is an idiot. Yes, I can prove this. Just watch the video.

Pardon me, but no employee talks to their employer like that. Yes, Office Bubbles, you work for the public.

So do an unknown number of other officers, who against regulations, removed their identification during the G20 protests. There is only one reason to remove your identification – so you won’t be recognized. And the only reason that you wouldn’t want to be recognized, is if you KNEW BEFOREHAND YOU WERE GOING TO BE INVOLVED IN A CRIMINAL ACT.

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair knows this. So why is the punishment going to be loss of a single day’s salary? Because Toronto Police have forgotten who they work for. Toronto Police no longer believe in their slogan, ‘To Serve and Protect’. They no longer believe that they work for the public. No, they think they run the show, and that the public is supposed to be meek little lambs and do what they say.

Not every police officer in Toronto thinks this way, however the recent G20 arrests make it clear that a large number of officers, probably including their Chief, do think this. Hell, they’ve proved it by their actions, as documented by P2Pnet, Free Byron, Murray Dobbin, and for that matter testimony given before the House of Commons Public Safety and National Security Committee.

The cops know that they are in trouble. The two lawsuits filed against them have let them know.

The problem is that it seems unlikely that the police will do anything about this. Officer Bubbles hasn’t been tossed in jail for issuing threats, and if the police continue on their current path, he won’t be. And the SIU seems toothless.

Something needs to be done. One suggestion that I’ve come up with, is a system for citizens to be able to directly fire officers who do not carry out their duties properly.

What I think is that Courtney, Officer Bubbles target, should be able to file Termination Papers for Officer Bubbles. Any Termination Papers, filed by any citizen, would then be addressed by a citizen committee. The citizen committee would be composed only of people who have never served as a ‘Peace Officer’ at any time in their lives. The committee would publicly evaluate the complaint, and issue a public recommendation as to the action to be taken, which the police chief would be obligated to follow. Any office who disagreed with the committee’s actions would be free to ask a court to overturn the recommendation, but would not be a member of the force while the court challenge was in process.

After all, the police are our employees, and employees have to be answerable to their employers.


Wayne Borean

Wednesday November 10, 2010


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