Monotremes and Monotrolls Redux

Gotta love Twitter. It’s one of the greatest communication tools invented to date. is even better, while being compatible. But to cover everything, you have to use both.

So someone I’ve never heard of pops up on, and proceeds to tell me that I’m an idiot.

Specifically he/she/it said:

@rclayton @themadhatter how about the fact that @schestowitz claims that @hfiguiere was bullied by #mono devs?

@rclayton @themadhatter @hfiguiere is the author of gnote

@rclayton @themadhatter your interpretation is worthless, only @hfiguiere’s interpretation has value, since only he was involved

I responded with:

@rclayton Am well aware of who @hfiguiere is, I wrote an article about GNote. Agree with @schestowitz interpretation what Tomboy devs said

He/she/it comes back with:

@rclayton @themadhatter your interpretation is worthless, only @hfiguiere’s interpretation has value, since only he was involved

@rclayton @themadhatter if he doesn’t feel bullied, how can you say he was?

@rclayton @themadhatter you and @schestowitz rewrite history in order to push your own agenda (aka lies)

At this point I’m still not sure what I did to insult this person, so I send this in response:

@rclayton Check out The Mono Firefight: @schestowitz @hfiguiere @_Goblin are mentioned.

I eat dinner, and then finish off with:

@rclayton whether @hfiguiere felt bullied or not had nothing to do with the public actions of certain other people.

@rclayton the waste of time argument was clearly intended to make him withdraw his project, which is contrary to FLOSS darwinism

@rclayton By their argument Gnome shouldn’t exist.

@rclayton Gnome was a duplication of effort.

Curiously I get no response. So I start digging. Most people have identical accounts on Twitter and I checked the @rclayton account on Twitter, and find out it’s been suspended.

Curious. I look it up on and see this:

There wasn’t very much, so I read the whole works. Apparently @rclayton pops up every couple of months, makes a series of attacks, and then disappears. Whoever it is sends fake replies to other users, to make it appear like the other user is in agreement.

For example, there was a message sent about Brandon Lozza becoming a Fedora Ambassador, which implied that Brandon is lying about being a Fedora Ambassador. The person it was sent to doesn’t use much, mostly Twitter, hadn’t been on in months, and apparently had logged off before he got it. And of course Brandon is listed in the Fedora Ambassador List. If you don’t actually check the list, you might have believed @clayton.

Fedora Ambassador List - Canada
Fedora Ambassador List - Canada

Above you can see Brandon’s name.

The common point to most of @rclayton’s posts is Mono. @rclayton is convinced that Mono is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and that if you can’t see this, you aren’t all that bright. If you agree with anyone who says anything bad about Mono, you aren’t that bright either.

My problem is that I’m on good terms with Brandon, and several other people who aren’t fans of Mono. Oh, and I’ve publicly stated many times, that if I wanted Microsoft technology on my computer, I’d install Windows. Mono is an open source version of Microsoft’s .NET technology.

My history with computers predates Microsoft’s founding – yep punch cards. Unlike most people I’ve experience using non-Microsoft technology on Micro-computers, dating back to the Z80, 6502, 6510, and 8080 processors. Microsoft as a company produces crappy software in my opinion. I don’t like it and I won’t use it.

As a result, if a Linux distribution ships with Mono, I either don’t use that distribution, or I remove Mono after installing it. Me being me (in other words I’m an egotistical bastard), I always recommend that everyone else do the same.

And there are possible legal issues, which I’ve covered with Faux FLOSS Fundamentalists, The Enemies List, Monotremes and Monotrolls, Why Evolution, The Mono Firefight, Microsoft Community Promise; MONO, Miguel’s Mono Minions, What do the following products have in common, Visual Studio add-on for Windows devs to target Macs and Linux, Novell Moonlight 2.0 Gets Microsoft’s Blessing, and A New Rant – Microsoft, Ubuntu, Canonical, Novell, and Mono.

At that point I stopped – quite frankly I had other issues that were more important than Mono, specifically the proposed changes to Canadian Copyright Law which I’ve been covering, and writing opinion pieces on.

But while I’ve left Mono, apparently Mono hasn’t left me. I gather that I’m still on the enemies list. I haven’t written anything about it in over ten months (February 2010), but apparently some people have long memories. And are probably certifiably paranoid.

OK. They’ve got my attention. So why the sudden excitement? I don’t know. Quite frankly since I stopped using Gnome, I stopped paying attention to Mono, other than to make sure I didn’t install anything that needed it. I haven’t heard of any changes in policy at Microsoft or Novell. I haven’t heard of any changes in Ubuntu, Fedora, or Gnome.

I did hear about Jason Melton’s article Mono Criticism == Uninformed Hatred, though until I read it a few moments ago, I didn’t know it was a discussion of Guy van Sanden’s Get the Facts on Mono, which drew 58 comments, some of them rather vitriolic, for a straight forward, unemotional discussion of the disadvantages of Mono. Guy followed up with Cleaning Mono from your system, which drew a another slew of comments, including the mention of the Ubuntu Saner Defaults Remix, which I’m downloading now, that will be what, maybe thirty distros that I haven’t had time to try yet?

Jason then followed up with Banshee, Mono, and Reddit, which covers the issue of Banshee using items that are not covered by Microsoft’s Community Promise, at least not in the version available for download from the Banshee page. He then followed it up with Mono: Unsafe At Any Speed, where he takes five popular Mono applications, and evaluates them to see if they are using the ‘safe bits’ (ECMA) of Mono. None of the five applications tested (Banshee, Tomboy, F-Spot, Do, and GBrainy) are using only the safe bits, all work outside the ECMA specifications.

So there are some rumblings. I think I’ll add to them. Throwing gasoline on fire is one of those innocent pleasures…

Seriously though, there’s something going on, and I am going to research it. The best time to work on an article is when the fire is burning bright.


Wayne Borean

Sunday December 12, 2010


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