People. Can't Live With Them. Can't Shoot Them. ARGH! – Updated 2X

All of a sudden I start getting messages, messages which didn’t make any initial sense. On Twitter I got this:

hfiguiere Hubert Figuière
@_the_mad_hatter by retweeting schestowitz, you lose any credibility.

OK, so I retweet Roy Schestowitz on a fairly regular basis. Roy has some interesting things to say. I’ll retweet anyone who has something interesting to say. After checking out who I was talking to, and finding out that Hub is the author of Gnote, and got mentioned prominently in my article Monotremes and Monotrolls. The conversation went like this:

_the_mad_hatter Wayne Borean
RT @hfiguiere: @_the_mad_hatter by retweeting schestowitz, you lose any credibility.
_the_mad_hatter Wayne Borean
@hfiguiere: But @schestowitz is one of your biggest backers 🙂
hfiguiere Hubert Figuière
@_the_mad_hatter exhibit 1. you just gave it.
_the_mad_hatter Wayne Borean
@hfiguiere It all comes down to accuracy. @schestowitz is accurate. Truth will out.
hfiguiere Hubert Figuière
@_the_mad_hatter exhibit 2, right here.
_the_mad_hatter Wayne Borean
@hfiguiere OK, point out where @schestowitz is inaccurate. I’m not talking opinions, I’m talking facts.
hfiguiere Hubert Figuière
@_the_mad_hatter the day he said Mono was dead because they was no new commit in SVN (Mono had moved to git for a while at that point).
_the_mad_hatter Wayne Borean
@hfiguiere I took that as opinion, much like my statement that I expected Microsoft to be in bankruptcy within 5 years.
And then @rclayton popped up on Twitter’s Open Source competitor,, as documented in Monotremes and Monotrolls Redux. Curious as to exactly what happened I started looking into things. To quote novelist C .J. Cherryh:

IMHO, an honest news source is going to report things that annoy both sides of an issue, often simultaneously, or at least in the same program, and if they don’t, or if they’re assigning reporters only to stories that consistently turn out to please only one view of the world, they have a credibility problem with me, up and down the range of what they’re report. There is no ‘balanced’ version of truth that can be gotten by suppressing information.

And since the story involves people, well, it gets messy pretty quickly. Somehow at some point Hubert saw something Roy Schestowitz that I’d retweeted, which was retweeted again by one of my followers. Since we have mutual followers, that wouldn’t be surprising. And apparently Roy had upset Hubert at one point. Roy says it’s because he pointed out that GNote was a great alternative to Tomboy, since Tomboy uses Mono, which is covered by Microsoft patents, and could therefore be threatened by Microsoft, if they chose to do so.

As shown in the earlier article, rclayton claimed that Hubert was bullied by Roy. I asked about the allegation:

@schestowitz Any comments re accusations that you were bullying #? Writing article about # Again.

Roy replied with:

@themadhatter entirely false. He did not like me promoting # based on # advantage.

I sent Hubert the following on

@hub comments? RT @schestowitz: @themadhatter entirely false. He did not like me promoting # based on # advantage.

Hubert sent me this, but I don’t understand what it means:

@themadhatter ENOCONTEXT

So I asked:


I haven’t heard anything further from Hubert.

But then I heard from Lefty (David Schlesinger). Lefty also is mad as hell at Roy. He claims that he forced Roy to apologize for saying something that was untrue. When I asked Lefty for a link, he couldn’t supply on, suggested I search Techrights using his name. So I did, and most references to ‘Schlesinger‘ weren’t to him specifically (there are a lot of Schlesingers in the world). I didn’t find an apology.

UPDATE: Lefty pointed me at the Roy’s apology, which is here. That’s what I get for looking up things before I’m completely awake. 🙂

And then of course someone decided to attack Lefty, with the blog Boycott Lefty. No one is sure who is behind it, and let’s face it, whoever is behind it would be a fool to admit his or her involvement.

UPDATE 2: Roy has also posted an article about the attacks.

And there’s tons more. Sometimes the internet appears to have more in common with Peyton Place.

Merry Christmas to all – especially all those mentioned above.

Wayne Borean

Saturday December 18, 2010


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