Barry Sookman Puts Foot In Mouth Again – Doesn't Read Articles He Links To

If you are going to do something, you should do it right. Or at least you should try…

Tonight I’m picking on my old friend Barry Sookman again. Yes, I’m being sarcastic. Barry doesn’t like me, because I catch his mistakes, and it appears that he thinks that I shouldn’t do that. Hell, I wouldn’t do that, if he didn’t screw up so often.

And now he’s done it again. I was nice. When I caught the mistake, I posted a note telling him about it. Now, 24 hours later, he hasn’t done anything to fix the problem. He hasn’t even sent me a note saying he was going to look into the issue.

So I’m going to tell the world about it. Barry won’t be happy, but since when have I ever cared about whether Barry is happy?

Spooftimes is one of the funniest sites on the internet. With a site name like Spooftimes and article titles like Local man in war of attrition over toilet roll with flatmate even a lawyer with no sense of humor should be able to tell that anything posted there isn’t serious. But not Barry. In his Computer and Internet Law Updates for 2011-01-13 column, Barry included one of their spoofs as true. Seriously. Wouldn’t you think twice about including something titled:

TSA Sued by Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner

which includes such fantastic prose as:

The ‘Sultan of Silk’ is launching a copyright infringement case against TSA, claiming that the government agency scanned illegal images of his bunnies at LAX Airport.  Surrounded by topless women while soaking in the Grotto at his mansion in the Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles, the eighty-four year-young Hefner said in defense of his models, “They have no right exploiting women like this.”

Now tell me. Would you hire a lawyer stupid enough to fall for something like that? And here’s the proof that he fell for it, both a screen cap, and a print screen (in PDF format).


Note the bottom line, where the link is visible. If you want to see the entire page, including my comment, download the PDF (note that if you go to the page, you won’t see my comment, because Barry has moderation turned on).

I follow Barry’s twitter feed very carefully. And read every single article he posts. He’s damned well aware of this. And knows that I’m quite capable of calling him out when I think he’s messed up.

The problem is that Barry claims to be an expert. He gives expert testimony to parliamentary committees. But… The man is a technological moron. And having a technological moron giving opinions on technological issues, like Technical Protection Measures, ensures that the laws drawn up using his so-called expertise, won’t work.

A while back I was asked to be nice to Barry. And I was. For quite a while. But not any more.

The problem is that Barry’s incompetence is affecting Canadian law. The Committee discussing Bill C-32 was given the impression that they were getting testimony from an expert witness. What they got was testimony from an expert witless.


Wayne Borean

Friday January 14, 2011


5 thoughts on “Barry Sookman Puts Foot In Mouth Again – Doesn't Read Articles He Links To

  1. That is quite funny. Any blogger who repeatedly makes this mistake deserves to be made fun of. He may have the experience and knowledge to be an expert witness, but he’s sure discrediting that by being careless with the links on his site.

    1. Barry doesn’t. He tried to imply that he knew it was a spoof, however he posted it in his ‘important copyright links’ section.

      Russell says Barry is a nice guy. I have no doubt that Barry is a nice guy. But if he’s careless enough to make mistakes like this, I’ll call him on them. What’s hilarious is that if you do a Google search on his name, using a browser with cookies disabled, this article shows up on the first page of results. Anyone doing research on Barry will get the cons as well as the pros.


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