Libre Office VS Open Office – Looks And Stability

In a comment someone mentioned that he’d heard that Libre Office looked outdated, a rather curious assertion, since it’s built on the sale source as the last version of Open Office. However these rumors do get started, and the only way to squash them is to show the evidence.

LibreOffice and OpenOffice Side by Side

LibreOffice and OpenOffice Side by Side

Can you tell the difference?

They also tossed out a question about the stability. Um, pardon folks, but again, we are talking the same code base. One is as stable as the other right now.

Given time, the code bases may diverge, but at present, they are so close that there isn’t any substanial difference.

What should be interesting is watching the speed of innovation pick up, as Free Software Darwinism drives both to new heights. I personally don’t think that the Proprietary companies will be able to keep up.


Wayne Borean

Friday January 14, 2011

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9 Responses to Libre Office VS Open Office – Looks And Stability

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  2. Olmec says:

    If you had to recommend one over the other for use in a new installation, what would your preference be and what rationale?

  3. seanH says:

    on the topic of open source, anybody looking for an open source private cloud web spreadsheet server may want to visit:

    • Wayne Borean says:

      Ah, but is that an advertisement? I was debating killing the link. I’m still debating killing the link. I don’t run ads. As a matter of fact I’ve turned down several requests to run ads here in the last couple of months.

      Tell me why I should kill the link.


      • openSource098 says:

        my comment was kinda off topic, and i understand if you kill the link.
        i just posted it because i am a fan of OSS and i thought some readers might be interested to learn about new open source software. in this case, the link was to spread the word about an alternative to microsoft excel.

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