Academic Disadvantage And Lazar, Akiva & Yagoubzadeh – Or How Stupid Do You Have To Be To Pass Law School?

Cory Doctorow
Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow was promised last week that this morning he’d publish information on the stupidest lawsuit threat that BoingBoing had ever faced. And today he did. Apparently a company called Academic Advantage is attempting to sue BoingBoing. Note the word ‘attempting’.

Cory had written an article about the academic advantage some people with autism exhibit. He didn’t mention the company, he used the words Academic Advantage in a generic manner.

And then someone posted something in an unrelated message board post about college being a scam.

Poof! Instant lawsuit. The legal Beagles at Lazar, Akiva & Yagoubzadeh fired up the legal lasers, and BoingBoing was targeted.

But… Cory is the winner of the EFF’s 2007 Pioneer Award. He doesn’t give in. And as most of us know, you don’t shut up Cory Doctorow. Hell, it’s why we like him so much!

Lazar, Akiva & Yagoubzadeh have screwed themselves this time. It’s a good idea do research before firing off letters threatening lawsuits. A damned good idea. They could at least think of the damage they are doing to the reputations of honest lawyers.

Last week I published a blast aimed at Barry Sookman. While I have my disagreements with Barry, think he isn’t the brightest lawyer around, and am convinced he doesn’t have a clue about technology, there is no way that Barry would ever get involved in something like this. In other words, Barry is a pretty honest guy, who’s gotten in over his head when it comes to copyright.

Lazar, Akiva & Yagoubzadeh on the other hand, are the sort that inspired this joke:

Q: What’s the difference between a dead skunk and a dead lawyer in the middle of the road?

A: Skid marks in front of the skunk.

The California Bar should investigate Lazar, Akiva & Yagoubzadeh for ethics. Anyone who wants can file a complaint against a lawyer or law firm with the California Bar (and while they talk about filing complaints against your own attorney, you can file against any attorney), and the page explaining how to is here.

Let’s let them know how much we love them 🙂


Wayne Borean

Monday January 17, 2011


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