Undercover Agitators Everywhere – G8/G20 Too?

Is this a Cop stomping the Police car?
Is this a Cop stomping the Police car?

There’s been rumors going the rounds that the ‘Block Bloc’ protestors who trashed parts of downtown Toronto were actually police officers. For example, why, exactly was a police cruiser left unattended where protestors could destroy it?

The rumors have been bothering me since the protests occurred. True, they sound like a paranoid dream, but the entire world has seemed paranoid since 9/11. In some cases the paranoia may be justified, in a lot of others I know it isn’t. Let’s look at some recent headlines.

Police “ordered” to stop Montebello protest: Court ruling boosts union leader’s case

The Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada National Office has a press release on the ruling, but the details go back further, and raise serious questions. After an earlier ruling in the case, the B.C. Civil Liberties Assocation had questions.

Council of Canadians media officer Dylan Penner raises another question: How will this ruling affect security for the B.C. Winter Games where the Integrated Security Unit refuses to rule out using agents provocateurs to provoke protesters to commit illegal acts?

The B.C. Civil Liberties Association has sought without success assurances from Olympic security teams that they will not repeat what happened in Montebello, according to a recent Georgia Straight article, which contains a link to Paul’s footage.

So, we know that police acted illegally at Montebello. We don’t know if they acted illegally at the 2010 Winter Olympics. We do know that they refused to state that they wouldn’t act illegally, and that security at the Winter Olympics was originally overpowering, and only appeared to loosen up following public complaints. Note that I’ve used the words ‘only appeared’ as I didn’t attend the Winter Olympics myself.

Plain-clothes Metropolitan police officers were at G20 demonstrations

Then we move to London England.

The Metropolitan police was forced to admit today that one of its senior commanders gave false information to MPs when he denied having plain-clothes officers in the crowd at the G20 demonstrations in London in 2009.

We have documentary evidence that police used plain clothes officers at an earlier G20 meeting. We also know that police forces responsible for G8/G20 security trade information on best practices, security concerns, and other issues.

Environmental activists demand inquiry into undercover officer’s role

Would you believe a cop being undercover for seven years? Offering money to support protests, driving protestors to protests, and in general making himself an integral part of the protests? It happened.

How about several cops doing this? So far there’s evidence of three cops doing this in England. Which makes you wonder how many more were there? One article claims that there were ten officers involved in the 1993-1997 period.

One of the undercover police officers actually taught protestors a class in identifying undercover police officers, and advocated attacking Irish Police Officers at an EU summit in Dublin.

Toronto mayor amongst many expressing revulsion over protest violence

But was David Miller being honest, or did he know that some members of the Toronto Police Services were likely involved in the violence?

As I said, rumors have been rampant since the G8/G20 Twin Summits that the ‘Black Bloc’ protestors were actually police! One article, copiously illustrated with photographs, shows ‘Black Bloc’ protestors wearing what appear to be the same combat boots as police.

The photographs make an excellent argument that this really happened.

And if it happened, there will be proof, some where. The SIU didn’t bring charges against any police, until the public stepped in, and provided evidence that the SIU couldn’t ignore. Possibly that’s what’s needed here.

Yes, I’m a cynical old bastard. The world has made me that way.


Wayne Borean

Wednesday January 19, 2011


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