Ubuntu – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Ubuntu Logon Screen
Ubuntu Logon Screen

Canonical does some great stuff. While Ubuntu isn’t necessarily the most advanced operating system, it works, and works well.

I happen to like Spaghetti Westerns. And I like Linux. So I thought I’d combine the two. And of course, me being me, you know that I’ve got opinions on everything, including the three Ubuntu flavors. Me being me, I’m going to do them in reverse.

The Ugly

Kubuntu is ugly. Totally, and utterly ugly. This isn’t the fault of Canonical. It’s the fault of KDE. I’ve never liked KDE. I know people who think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I don’t like KDE.

Kubuntu Desktop
Kubuntu Desktop

I’ve never liked KDE. But hey, everyone has their own opinions.

Though I have to admit that some people have damned strange ideas of what a good desktop is supposed to look like.

The Bad

Ubuntu is bad. Really bad. Well, maybe not really bad, but I have issues with it. I don’t like Evolution. Evolution is supposed to be a fantastic alternative to Microsoft Outlook. I don’t like Microsoft Outlook either.

Ubuntu Desktop
Ubuntu Desktop

A long time ago for personal use, I moved all of my email to the cloud. I don’t need, or want an email client. I tried Evolution. Ugh. So I tried to remove it, and found out I couldn’t remove the damned thing.

So I did some research, and found out that the Gnome project has integrated Evolution into the Gnome Desktop Environment. Lovely. One of the reasons I avoid Microsoft Windows is the way that Microsoft integrated Internet Explorer into Windows.

So I complained. Obviously the Gnome project isn’t going to make a change for just one user.

The I found out that Gnome contained Mono. I switched to Linux to get away from Microsoft technology, and Mono is a Free Software implementation of the Microsoft .NET programming environment. Yes, you can remove Mono. But who in their right mind would include Microsoft technology in Gnome?

With two strikes against it I stopped using Gnome. But that’s me.

The Good

Out of the three official Ubuntu flavors, Xubuntu is the best, but it only rates as good. I like the XFCE environment. I really do. But…

Xubuntu Desktop
Xubuntu Desktop

Canonical’s implementation of the XFCE Desktop works fine, and looks good. The problem is that it could look fantastic with a bit more work. I don’t know why Canonical made the original decision to concentrate on Gnome. In my opinion XFCE is far nicer.

So what could be great, is only good.

Now that I’ve annoyed everyone, I’m going to try and remove this sleeping Beagle from my shoulder…


Wayne Borean

Thursday January 20, 2011




9 thoughts on “Ubuntu – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

    1. The UI is very much a matter of taste. It’s like spices. Some people like curry on their chicken. Me, I’d rather avoid it.

      Linux is nice that way. Unlike the one size fits all interface design of Windows and OS X, you have choices, and there’s a lot of neat things out there. I only covered Ubuntu itself here, but some of the Ubuntu derived Distros use Fluxbox and Enlightenment, and those are really neat.


  1. I like GNOME. In fact I like GNOME 3 and the GNOME Shell. Mostly, I like choice. I quite like Evolution too but use the cloud like you do.

    BTW, the only part of GNOME that uses Mono is Tomboy Notes.

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