Quickie Updates

Libre Office 3.3 Final is now ready for download.  This is fantastic news, and will drive innovation in the Office Suite segment in a way that Open Office never could. If I were Microsoft, I’d be terrified.

PJ has a fantastic comment on Microsoft Florian, apparently she is thinking along the same lines that I am – though she compared him to The SCO Group, whereas I thought that maybe he was working for ADTI. But it does look like he’s working for someone…

Bill C-32 is probably dead. I’ll be publishing an update on my reasoning in a day or so, I’ve been working on Police State Watch, and also on Political Arena (stay tuned, it will be up shortly).

Undercover Coppers are popping up everywhere. There’s still no official confirmation that this happened in Canada, however since it’s happened everywhere else, it probably happened here too.

Anyway, there’s be some interesting stuff published tomorrow.


Wayne Borean

Tuesday January 25, 2011


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