Bandwagon Jumping In Ottawa – Former Tunisian Regime Not Welcome In Canada

Tunisia courtey of Sakurambo
Tunisia courtey of Sakurambo

I’m a cynical old bastard at the best of times, so Prime Minister Harper’s recent announcement that:

Canada will use all tools at its disposal to co-operate with the international community in dealing with members of the former regime. They are not welcome, let me be very clear, we do not welcome them in our country.

about the recent Tunisian governmental changes left me signally unimpressed. While I agree with his statement, his ‘Conversion on the road to Damascus’ is suspect.

I agree. We don’t want or need the kleptomaniacal members of the ‘former Tunisian regime’ in Canada. But where the hell has our Prime Minister been hiding for the last two weeks? While Tunisians have fought for their freedom, Stephen Harper appears to have made no comments until now. In fact searches do not turn up any comments by him on Tunisia in the past. Ever. Curious that.

Even the staid and slow Globe and Mail noticed – We’re okay with dictators – until they’re toppled their headline reads.

So Stephen Harper – where have you been since the crisis started?

And lest anyone thinks Michael Ignatief is better, think again. He hadn’t said anything either. In fact the only politico that comes out of this looking at all good is Jack Layton. He made a statement on Tuesday January 11, over two weeks ago!

While I’m glad to see that Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatief are keeping up with their Participaction Goals by bandwagon jumping, some help to the Tunisian people, oh, say, five years ago would have saved lives.

Politicians. Can’t live with them. Can’t use them for targets during hockey practice.


Wayne Borean

Thursday January 27, 2011


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