Microsoft Death Watch – 10Q Partial Update

Microsoft has filed their most recent 10Q with the Securities and Exchange Commission, you can read it here. Due to a variety of things happening, I’m running a bit behind on the spreadsheet with the numbers, however there’s a couple of things that are easily noticeable.

Revenue is up 4.7% over three months, which is really quite good considering what the economy is like. At least it looks good at first. When you look at the six month figures, it looks even better, at an 11.6% increase. Hey, that’s hot.

But then we get into the fun stuff, which is why I need to get working on that spreadsheet.

Operating income is down 4% over three months, but up 15% over six months! What’s going on?

It appears that costs are outstripping revenue increases. They are up 9.2% over the last six months, and up 10.8% over the last three months.

If we look at the Net Income figures (after taxes), they show a 15% increase over the last six months, and a 0.4% drop over the last three months, so the net figures aren’t as bad due to a huge drop in taxes.

So what exactly is going on? That’s why I need the spreadsheet. Something is happening. But is it a one time hit, or is it the start of the drop that I’ve been predicting? I don’t know yet.

But I’m looking forward to checking this out. I’ll bet that you didn’t know that accounting is fun 🙂


Wayne Borean

Saturday January 29, 2011


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