Regime Change In Egypt And Undercover Police Actions

(Cartoon) Mubarak shuts down Internet! #Egypt will shut down Mubarak! #Jan25 @haroon_siddique
(Cartoon) Mubarak shuts down Internet! #Egypt will shut down Mubarak! #Jan25 @haroon_siddique

In Egypt, once again, we see the police siding with the government against the people.

We saw it in England, where police engaged in illegal actions while monitoring Green Groups, culminating in charges being dropped against a large number of people because the police didn’t want to have to testify as to their actions in the case. People convicted in an earlier case, may see their convictions overturned.

We may have seen it in Canada, where the trashing of a police cruiser may have been a setup. The cruiser was supposedly stripped of it’s valuable computer, and abandoned, and the protestors who trashed it were wearing the same combat boots that uniformed police were wearing.

With the trial of Byron Sonne in progress, and his defense apparently aware of the issues, it may end up coming out during his trial. If not, it’s likely to come out later. A lot of cops were not happy with what they were ordered to do. If they testify, it could put Toronto Chief of Police Bill Blair, and Julian Fantino, the former Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner in deep trouble.

Now we are seeing it in Egypt, where when looters attacked a museum, they were found to be police officers, and the citizens of Cairo had to protect the museum from the police. Let’s look at some of the reports:

From Twitter:

@waelabbas Wael Abbas
unconfirmed news : some looters were arrested and found out to be secret police

From Al Jazeera:

9:46pm Ayman Mohyeldin reports desolate Cairo streets and roaming bands of thuggish-looking men who cannot be identified as plainclothes police or civilians. He also says many fewer people are in the streets than earlier in the evening.

7:38pm Ayman Mohyeldin reports that eyewitnesses have said “party thugs” associated with the Egyptian regime’s Central Security Services – in plainclothes but bearing government-issued weapons – have been looting in Cairo. Ayman says the reports started off as isolated accounts but are now growing in number.

6:50pm As protesters continue to defy curfew, a bystander in Cairo tells Al Jazeera that there are no police left in the capital. Formerly omnipresent traffic police are nowhere to be found. Reports suggest that private property is being seized in locations throughout Egypt.

Notice the time schedule. The Police are reported as missing. Then looting is reported by men who appear to be police. Then we have:

3:47pm Al Arabiya is reporting that the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas phoned Hosni Mubarak to offer his support.

If this is true, it’s a bad sign for Palestinians. Maybe they need to take over their government next.

Again, from Twitter:

AmmarMa AmmarM

Egyptians caught looters and they are some secret police among the looters according to Al Jazeera. #Jan25

11 hours ago via Twitter

From Saints Report:

Security forces in Cairo have open fire on protesters!! This could become another Tiananmen Square!! – Jan 29th

the regime is trying to picture the revolution as violence by spreading police thugs and attacking. ITS PEACEFUL ASSEMBLIES

“Now the police force is GONE! Nobody can find the policemen in the street” LOL…Mubarak, your thugs ran away

LPC: Residents of Heliopolis using molotov cocktails, guns to stop cars with armed NDP “thugs”. Severely beating them.

Protesters capturing police looters in Alexandria and handing them to Army

In Heliopolis, police dressed as civilians r shooting gun fire to scare ppl. We’re going out with sticks to ambush the thugs.

LPC: In Helwan, “thugs” mobilized by the NDP are attacking cars, homes

Mubarak’s police thugs are Destroying, setting property on fire, beating,looting its NOT the protestesters or ordinairy Egypt people

RNN: Correction: Thug’s confession was that he got commands from POLICE to perform wide-range vandalism

Widely believed hated Egypt police force playing part in the chaos and looting. they’ve abandoned their posts, in civilian clothes

Reports confirmed that the looting is being done by the secret police of Mubarak in an attempt to discredit the protesters.

Looks like Mubarek has let loose a Militia to frighten people into begging for government help same as Ben Ali did

children cancer hospital under attack by looters.

People ask “where are the police” they are looting and driving gangs thru out Cairo to instigate Chaos..

Be sure that Egyptian protesters are NOT destroying or looting anything. It’s the government, police & their agents.

1st-hand from Heliopolis “Thugs on streets. People are TERRIFIED!”

Protesters from Alexandria arrest armed thugs who tried to rob a bank, turned out the thugs are from the police !!

So Who’s Telling The Truth?

Because we know the police will deny this. But it’s the same sequence of events that happened in Tunisia. And be logical. Looters attack banks and jewellery shops, not children’s hospitals. Terrorists attack children’s hospitals.

There’s been too many isolated reports that the looters are police. Just like climate activists in Britain. Based on reports from the Guardian, it is possible that FIVE PERCENT of active Climate Activists in England were cops.

I wish the Egyptian people success in getting rid of Hosni Mubarak, and setting up a democratic society. They deserve better than what they’ve been getting, and it looks like they may have their chance.


Wayne Borean

Sunday January 30, 2011

PS: My thanks to those on Twitter who’ve kept the world updated.


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