Attack Of The Anti-Green Mutant Right Wing Computer Geek

Evolution of the Geek, courtesty of the Uncyclopedia
Evolution of the Geek, courtesty of the Uncyclopedia

It’s so much fun watching people trying to make sense out of life, the universe, and everything. Most think that the answer is 42, when it’s really 777.

Queen Elizabeth II behind her ‘cloak of green’

My pal @ender2070 has a new post on his blog. @ender2070 doesn’t believe in Climate Change. Nothing wrong with being skeptical and asking questions. There is something wrong with being gullible.

Queen Elizabeth II behind her ‘cloak of green’
Queen Elizabeth II behind her ‘cloak of green’

Yes, Queen Elizabeth is one of the richest women in the world. Sure, she could make one hell of a difference if she cared. For that matter she could make herself richer. But this chart means nothing.

The whole concept behind the chart is that the Queen is trying to manipulate the environmental movement to make more money. The problem is that the chart is a fake. The World Wildlife Federation running the Sierra Club? That would be like claiming that the Liberal Party of Canada is running the Conservative Party of Canada.

Sure, conspiracies are fun. But you have to look carefully to see if the conspiracy is real, or something that someone dreamed up, maybe just for the fun of it.

Evaluating The ‘Facts’

Everyone knows about Climate Gate, and how the scientists discussed how to block Climate Skeptics, because like, the scientists were earning so much money doing fake Climate Science and they didn’t want to get off the gravy train.

The only problem is that as usual, what everyone knows is wrong. You’d think that the three investigations that cleared the Climate Research Unit’s director, Professor Phil Jones, of any academic wrong doing, might make people wonder? Nah. Those investigations were a cover up, to keep the gravy train running.

Or how about the petition protesting the Kyoto Protocols that was signed by 31,000 Climate Scientists? That’s gotta be proof that Climate Change is a fake. Heck, Representative Ron Paul introduced it to the House of Representatives in 2009!

Problem is when you look at the Petition, there’s no proof that anyone on the petition is actually a scientist, never mind a Climate Scientist. There’s no way to back track anyone who’s signed the petition to check whether or not they really exist, or are who they say they are. In fact there’s testimony that fakes have been added to the petition in the past.

But the final killer fact is that the Petition is the brain child of a Creationist. Would you trust the accuracy of a scientific petition written by someone who denies science? If you would, I have a tower suitable for use as a radio transmitter in Downtown Toronto for sale cheap. It already has antennas installed…

The Great Conspiracy

So let’s get this straight. There’s some huge conspiracy that exists to claim Climate Change is real, and it exists because there’s some huge economic benefit to scientists and certain companies.

And this benefit is so huge that it’s killing small businesses like Exxon, BP, etc. that are in the oil and coal businesses. It’s going to kill thousands of U.S. jobs, even though most of the jobs in the oil business are actually overseas, where the oil is actually pumped! Which doesn’t mention the thousands of workers required to build, install and maintain wind turbines, solar cells, etc.

When things don’t add up, you have to look carefully at the numbers. First let’s look at those small businesses which are under threat by the powerful Climate Change Lobby:

Exxon Mobil – Sales of $269 Billion for 3/4 year – from Jan. 2010 to Sept. 2010

BP – Sales of $239 Billion for 2009 – 2010 report not finished yet

OK, let’s take a step back. The rich Climate Change Bullies were pushing around a bunch of small businesses. At least that’s the impression we were given. But the numbers don’t make those look like small businesses. Not small at all. Hell, Microsoft often considered one of the most successful companies on the planet only managed sales of $62 Billion in fiscal year 2010.

These companies are big enough to look out for themselves. Why is everyone concerned about the Climate Change Bullies hurting them? Could the Climate Change Bullies even have any effect on them? Rather it would seem like the classical mouse-elephant confrontation.

Remember Anonymous

I’ve done two articles (here and here) recently about Anonymous. The reason that the FBI, the Egyptian Government, and other bodies consider Anonymous so dangerous is that it is so ill defined.

Anybody could belong to Anonymous. President Obama? Sure, he could belong. Prime Minister Harper? Yep, he could belong too. Queen Elizabeth? Yes, definitely.

Business has the same problem with the environmental movement. Anybody can be a part of it. There’s no way to tell. There’s no way to stop them either. One wrong thought, and they’ll be buying energy saving compact fluorescent light bulbs before you know it. Humans. You just can’t trust those perverts!

Business has another problem. Unless you are Apple, no one loves you. This really hurts business. After all, it only ever wants to make money, what’s wrong with that?

Because business isn’t loved, and it can’t vote, not being human, it has to buy it’s friends. That’s why there was such a huge push in the Citizen’s United lawsuit. And that’s how the Tea Party grew so quickly in the United States, it was funded by businesses freed from oversight by Citizen’s United. And that’s why there’s a thrust to repeal public campaign financing in Canada, so that business can get back into play, and affect election campaigns.

In fact you can follow the money that moved into play after Citizen’s United by listening for the shrillest screams. Socialism anyone? Yes, the anti-socialist diatribe is based on limiting costs to corporations so that they can maximize profits. So that the company doesn’t have to pay for things like Medical costs, hell, the employees can pay for those themselves, if they want medical coverage. It’s a free market, if they choose not to buy, well, that’s their choice…

Common Sense Isn’t Common

It’s common sense that something as small as a human, couldn’t effect something as big as the earth. Sure, there’s no way.

Then you consider Jesus Christ. Mohamed. The Buddha. Each of those three men, effected how men think and act over thousands of miles of territory. Jesus was inadvertently responsible for the deforestation of North and South America, by making the Old Testament of the Bible popular outside the Jewish community that had used it before. Genesis 1:28 says

[28] And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

And we did. And we cut down the forests so that we had room to use. And now the North American forests are pretty well wiped out.

Common Sense says an individual can’t have an effect. History says that Common Sense is wrong.

Common Sense says that people can’t be causing the planet to warm. What do you think history is going to say in a hundred years? What do you think history already says – how about 2010 ties 2005 as warmest year on record worldwide.

Think about it.


Wayne Borean

Wednesday February 9, 2011


4 thoughts on “Attack Of The Anti-Green Mutant Right Wing Computer Geek

  1. I’m hardly right wing. I’m more of an anarchist – which is anti-government.

    But you got one thing right – i’m a climate change “denier” (but i’m no nazi like the eco greens).

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