Groklaw And The Wall Street Journal

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I was reading PJ’s article Judge Illston Alters Some of Her Order; Issues Referred to Magistrate – Updated, and wanted to check the other coverage on the case. So I hit Google, and started searching. Specifically I was looking to see what the media had reported about the Judge’s order.

The Wall Street Journal had a very short article:

The hearing in Sony Computer Entertainment America v. Hotz was held today, and Wired’s David Kravetz reports the judge, the Hon. Susan Illston, acknowledged that some details of the case got away from her a bit, and she apologized. She’s made some changes to her earlier orders. Specifically, she rea (visit source article)

The wording looked familiar, but hey, it was early morning, and I wasn’t totally awake. I clicked on the link, and found that I was back on Groklaw!

For those not familiar with Groklaw, Groklaw ended up being in the middle of Caldera v. IBM, where Caldera (later The SCO Group) sued IBM over the alleged transfer of technology from the Unix operating system to the Linux operating system. While the Main Stream Media was quoting Darl McBride, the CEO of The SCO Group, Groklaw was looking at the basis of the lawsuit, and quickly came to the conclusion that SCO didn’t have a leg to stand on.

Needless to say, this upset Darl McBride and SCO, and SCO management attempted to use a variety of dirty tricks on Groklaw, including claiming that Groklaw was actually a bunch of IBM lawyers, inciting a reporter into hiring a private detective to track down Pamela Jones, the owner of the blog, and in another lawsuit attempting to make sure that no references to Groklaw were mentioned in front of the jury.

As a long time reader of Groklaw, who got to hear all of the false accusations made against Groklaw by Darl McBride and others at SCO as they were made, it was delightful to see Groklaw being recognized as an accurate source by the Wall Street Journal.

Totally delightful.


Wayne Borean

Friday February 11, 2011


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