The Anatomy of Anonymous – An Analysis Of Probable Future Actions

The Anatomy of Anonymous - image courtesy of Ralf Roletschek and Mattbuck
The Anatomy of Anonymous - image courtesy of Ralf Roletschek and Mattbuck

To understand a problem, you have to analyze it’s anatomy. Let’s look at what we’ve learned about Anonymous so far.

Known Facts About Anonymous

What do we know about Anonymous?

  1. Anonymous doesn’t exist.
  2. Anonymous has no members.
  3. Anonymous has no location.
  4. Anonymous has no leadership.
  5. Anonymous has no income.
  6. Anonymous is everywhere.

In other words I don’t know a damned thing. Actually I was crawling around Wikimedia, found the picture above, and just HAD to find an excuse to use it…

But seriously, Osama bin Laden must be totally furious, if he’s still alive. His vision, of a revolution that would sweep Islamic countries has been achieved, in part thanks to an organization that doesn’t exist, has not members, no leadership, no income… Anonymous was a significant player in the recent Tunisian and Egyptian governmental overthrows. Admittedly the overthrows weren’t led by men and women wearing Guy Fawkes masks, but the non-members of Anonymous helped with organization and communications. While they might not have been there on the ground (and who knows, they may have been), they had an effect.

The question is, where is Anonymous going next?

It appears that Palantir Technologies has probably removed itself from the target list, with an apology to Glenn Greenwald and Think Progress. Probably. But several reporters who’ve covered this regard Palantir’s actions as tantamount to an admission that the HBGary Federal emails aren’t faked. Then Berico, the other company involved, also claims to have cut ties to HBGary Federal.

However the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is likely to be targeted. Admittedly HBGary Federal is responsible for carrying out the spying that Think Progress identified, but they did it trying to pick up business from the Chamber of Commerce. It’s unlikely that Anonymous is going to believe the statements issued by Tom Collamore of the Chamber (here and here). So the Chamber is likely to be a target.

Bank of America is another likely target. Some of the work HBGary Federal was attempting to land was for Bank of America. Whether Bank of America knew what HBGary Federal was doing we don’t know. We know that they’ve denied knowing about it. But it’s likely that Anonymous will regard Bank of America as responsible.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation may be targeted. Anonymous isn’t likely to have been happy that the FBI arrested a bunch of people who were supposedly involved in DDOS attacks. Whether Anonymous does anything or not, we’ll have to wait and see.

And it sounds like Anonymous is going to encourage leaks through Anonleaks.

Yes, this all looks rather disorganized. I challenge anyone to try and write something organized, about something so disorganized.

Still it’s amusing. The lulz just keep on coming. And Anonymous is writing some good ones.

Statue of Anonymus or Bele Regis Notarius
Statue of Anonymus or Bele Regis Notarius


Wayne Borean

Friday February 11, 2011


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