Three Cheers For Tony Clement – Great Twitter Speech On Usage Based Billing

Tony Clement at the Toronto Auto Show
Tony Clement at the Toronto Auto Show

The biggest problem with elections is that a politician always wins ~ Anonymous

And while that is true, some are better than others. One of the best Canadian politicians of this generation is Tony Clement. He’s smart, articulate, reacts quickly, and knows how important communication is.

Take the Usage Based Billing disaster – once he realized there was a problem, Tony did his homework, and moved quickly to fix it. That he took a while to realize it was a problem isn’t surprising – his remit as Industry Minister is pretty wide.

But one thing you can be guaranteed – that once Tony has a situation in his sights, he keeps it there. And so when MacLeans magazine published an unsigned oped titled: The Internet should be fair—not free—to everyone, Tony used his weapon de jour, Twitter, on them.

At which point I’m going to pass you over to Tony.


One… Macleans editorial is wrong on so many fronts–including repeating myth of some users being subsidized by others…

Two – I would like to see Macleans’ parent Rogers return the annual taxpayer subsidy returned: is that asking too much @acoyne?

Three – Sorry I’m getting steamed about this. But Macleans should admit that unchecked corporate market power does not = invisible hand fairness!

Four – Oh, while I’m at it, @coyne‘s condemnation of my use of Twitter to communicate with the public shows media’s obsession…/2

Five – …with being the only source for news & views. How is that market driven or liberty-inducing?? Okay for Egyptians but not Cdns? Bunk!

Isn’t it beautiful? Tony delivered the above in a rather Churchillian form. Five short, quick jabs. Like the Vorpal blade in The Hunting Of The Snark, he chopped his opponent into little bitty bits.

Great job Tony!


Wayne Borean

Saturday February 19, 2011


7 thoughts on “Three Cheers For Tony Clement – Great Twitter Speech On Usage Based Billing

  1. Thanks Wayne… When Tony Clement was MPP where I lived previously (Brampton) I found him to be quite helpful and attentive when I needed him most. He is one of the main reasons I continue to support the Conservative party.

    The usage based billing issue was one that could have been bad for Canadian internet users. I’m glad he was on it.

    1. Tony seems to be a heck of a nice guy, as well as a great communicator. When he sees a problem, he doesn’t hesitate, he does something about it.

      You know me – I’m a cynical old bastard at the best of times. But I’m sold on Tony.


  2. I agree with you for now but ask if this is just a ploy for the election and then they’ll back away after they get thier majority? (like Cretien on the GST)

    1. I doubt that it’s a ploy. As much as it hurts me to admit it (I’m a Conservative) the Conservative Party doesn’t stand a chance of getting a majority, and doesn’t deserve a majority. There’s several issues in play:

      1) Stephen Harper is a terrible party leader. A total disaster.
      2) Part of the party has bought into the ‘capitalism is wonderful” argument, the problem being that what they are defining as capitalism isn’t.
      3) Another part of the party has been taken over by religious zealots, and they need to be stamped out.

      As to line 3, I’m a lay priest myself. When I call someone a religious zealot, I have good solid reasons for doing so. This particular lot isn’t very bright. They think that the bible, which has undergone thousands of changes in the 1700+ years since it was written down, is the immutable and perfect word of God. Logic is an unknown to them. Oh, and they believe that they have to FORCE everyone to believe the same way that they do. Religious freedom? Strange countries like Iran need it, Canada doesn’t.

      Right now I couldn’t back the Conservatives for a majority. So instead I’m backing politicians who are hard working, take care of their constituents, and are honest, from all of the parties. In one case, the politician in question (Charlie Angus) is from the NDP. I may disagree with Charlie on some of the issues, but I know that Charlie is trying to do the best job he can, and so do his constituents.


  3. Way to go Tony… I sent you a couple emails when this thing first hit the waves… I addressed it suggesting that I would wait and see if you deserved the “honerable” in your title… you have just convinced me that you do… thank you and keep up the good fight. (to bad you have such a twit for a leader)

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