The Great Climate Change Conspiracy

Gotta love it. There’s so much money in Climate Science, that every climate scientist in the world is willing to lie about it. In fact they are not only willing to lie, they are willing to try and mess up scientists from other disciplines so that they can keep on enjoying the gravy train…

It’s rather scary actually listening to the True Believers who know the truth about Climate Change. According to them we’ll never run out of oil. Oil is a renewable resource! Yes, isn’t it wonderful? Curiously none of them are capable of telling us exactly how it’s going to become renewable.

Let’s take a look at some of the points that have been made:

Lots of scientists don’t believe in Climate Change either – while this is true, the scientists who don’t believe in it aren’t Climate experts. When I pointed out that most of the scientists who disagreed with Climate Change were actually mathematicians, I was accused of hating mathematicians.

That the ClimateGate emails prove that scientists are lying about Climate Change. This one is fun, one of the people I’m disagreeing with claims that he’s read the emails, and they prove his point. I’ve read the emails, and as far as I’m concerned they don’t prove his point. In fact as far as I’m concerned he must have been smoking something really strange to come to that conclusion.

That George Soros is heavily involved and that Climate Change is going to make him a fortune. That fighting action against Climate Change is going to allow companies in the fossil fuel industry to make a fortune doesn’t seem to have occurred to him.

Queen Elizabeth is behind the climate change push in England. This one I hadn’t heard before. Oh, and Queen Elizabeth is secretly a socialist. I gather that she plans to take over the world. But she’s doing this to make more money. Does this make sense to you?

But the Koch Brothers have no interest in blocking alternative energy sources, even though they own one of the largest fossil fuel companies on the planet.

Oh yes, and is socialist. Of course so is Richard Stallman, and the GPL.

A lot of Americans don’t believe that humanity could cause Climate to change, even though there’s plenty of proof that humans have affected the planet. Most of North America used to be covered in forest. It isn’t any more, because we cut it down.

Then let me see, there’s the time we cut off Niagara Falls, so we could clean up the rock fall at the base of the American side. Or the time that we moved a mountain by detonating a nuclear device. And there’s the plans that are in the files for lighting the night side of the Earth using mirrors.

Be real folks. Even before humans existed, life was affecting this planet. After we are gone, life will be affecting this planet. That’s what life does.


Wayne Borean

Sunday February 27, 2011



4 thoughts on “The Great Climate Change Conspiracy

  1. You’re one of those propagandists, no action, just rallying and words. I’m sure there are plenty of plastic objects in your home and I am willing to guarantee you’ll have more – and other things ‘Made in China'(TM)

    1. You are amusing. You still haven’t explained exactly how all of these climate scientists have been bought by Greenpeace for Billions of dollars, when Greenpeace doesn’t have Billions of dollars. The economics of your arguments don’t make any sense. Every scientist that the bring up turns out not be an expert in Climate Science.

      Logic dictates that when you are wrong this many times, that you consider your premises.


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