FilKONtario 21 – April 1-3, 2011

FilKONtario 21
FilKONtario 21

Like music? Like music about Free Software and Computers? Like Music about Babylon 5, Star Trek, Firefly, Cats, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and just about anything else that Filkers do?

Come to FilKONtario 21.

A long time ago my wife came up with the idea of having a Filk Music Convention locally. Filk is the folk music of Science Ficiton and Fantasy, and there weren’t any local conventions. So she talked several of us into helping her put on the first FilKONtario.

Everyone had so much fun that they wanted us to do it again the next year. It’s been years since I’ve been involved in running the convention (my body decided that it was going to fall apart), but I still like going when I can, and it’s a great convention.

So I’m giving FilKONtario some free advertising 🙂

Seriously though, it’s a lot of fun. You’ll hear some really good music. There are guests from all over the world coming. Talis Kimberly is flying in from England. I think that there are some people coming from Germany. There’s a whole huge bunch coming from all over the United States.

Performers and Listeners are both welcome. If you like to perform, bring your instrument. If you like to listen, bring your ears. Oh, and bring your money for the InterFilk auction (and if you feel like donating something to the auction, Interfilk would be happy).

Oh, and since so many filkers are geeks, yes, you’ll likely hear Free Software songs too.


Wayne Borean

Monday February 28, 2011



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