State Has No Obligation To Protect Police Officers, Ottawa To Argue At Appeal

The Cynical Old Bastard with his Senior Editor
The Cynical Old Bastard with his Senior Editor

Yes, you saw the title. That’s exactly what I said. Now think of the rage in the community if that’s what a major newspaper headline said.

What the headline actually said was State has no obligation to protect prostitutes, Ottawa to argue at appeal, and there won’t be hardly anyone who says a damned thing in outrage.

What we have here is a societal disconnect. Police officers do a job which is valued. Prostitutes do a job which isn’t valued. If police officers are slighted, citizens get upset. If prostitutes get slighted, no one cares.

This is a dangerous way to think. This is the way that police thought in the Vancouver area when Willy Picton was on his rampage, a rampage that they could have stopped years before, saving many lives, the lives of mothers, daughters, sisters, girlfriends… Yeah, these women were prostitutes. Yeah, they were drug addicts. They also had family. Family that valued them, just as much as a police officers family values them.

Of course the Federal Government can be convinced to drop it’s opposition. All you have to do is contact your Federal Member of Parliament. It’s quite easy.

Here’s a complete list of all Members of Parliament, in alphabetical order by last name.

And if you don’t know the name of your MP, you can look him or her up by your postal code.

It doesn’t matter what party your MP is in. Contact them. Let them know you aren’t happy about this. Remember that it costs nothing to send a letter through Canada Post to your MP in Ottawa, all mail to Members of Parliament is delivered free.

Oh, and send a copies to Prime Minister Harper and Justice Minister Rob Nicholson, to let them know your feelings.


Wayne Borean



One thought on “State Has No Obligation To Protect Police Officers, Ottawa To Argue At Appeal

  1. Wayne it seems to me that you fell a victim of manipulation.
    Forget about prostitutes for a while as this legal battle is not about them, it is about rights of Toronto pimps disguised as prominent lawyers to continue with their existing business arrangements. One lawyer in particular Marty Teplitsky used his working girls and hidden video cameras to gain big infuence over many members of legal profession in Toronto and he is not willing to give up on it now only because Conservatives in Ottawa do not like what he does in Toronto.
    Not so long ago this pimp disguised as a lawyer had so much pull that once a year around Christmas he used to use Osgoode Hall owned by Law Society of Upper Canada as his private banquet hall in order to to throw a party for Toronto homeless people. During these parties for the homeless Chief Justice of Ontario Court of Justice Warren Winkler used to work as a head waiter while pimping lawyer used to stand at the door and hand out ten dollar bills to all participants.
    Pimping lawyer had so much pull in fact that not so long ago he arranged for the Order of Canada to be given to; his sister-in-law Contance Backhouse and to his trusted side kick, abortion expert with only three years of medical school to his name, Dr. Henry Morgentaler. Now it seems that pimp Marty Teplitsky is using Crown Attorney lawyer in order to throw a curve ball into discussion on legalisation of prostitution in Canada . Existing prostitution laws were drafted so the police would have the tools necessary to protect prostitutes from dangerous johns and pimps. Claim made up by corrupt Crown Attorney sitting in Teplitsky;s back pocket that “State has no obligation to protect prostitutes” puts all these laws on their head and perverts legislative intent of all these laws.

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