Book of Honor – Urbema

The Cynical Old Bastard with his Senior Editor
The Cynical Old Bastard with his Senior Editor

As promised, I’ve posted the start of my fantasy novel, Book of Honor – Urbema, on Weblit Canada.

Book of Honor – Urbema is the first book in a Fantasy trilogy about a teenage boy who has lost his memory. He doesn’t know his name, where he’s from, or anything else. He does have a rather impressive bump on his head, which might explain why he can’t remember anything.

The man who picks him up unconscious at the side of the road christens him Bellator (I can’t keep calling you boy, so I’ll call you Bellator) for some reason that the boy doesn’t understand.

And the boy doesn’t understand a lot. It’s a foreign culture, where everything from fashion, to modes of address have the potential to trip him up. And people keep trying to kill him, and people around him. Protecting himself and those he’s meet, he leaves a trail of bodies as he follows the Senator to Urbema, shining jewel of the Imperium.

The first part can be read on Weblit Canada in four sections:

Book of Honor – Urbema – Introduction

Book of Honor – Urbema – The Campfire At Night

Book of Honor – Urbema – The Mother of Swords

Book of Honor – Urbema – Morning

I hope you enjoy it.

Weblit Canada is a website also owned and operated by myself. The aim of Weblit Canada is to promote Canadian writers of fiction, non-fiction, prose, poetry, song, drama, and all other forms of written works which fall under the dictionary definition of literature.


Wayne Borean

Friday March 11, 2011



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