Book of Honor – Urbema – Republished on – Because of Drupal Problems

OK, I messed up. When I originally set up Weblit Canada, there were a lot of things that I didn’t know about Drupal, the content management system that I chose.

Drupal is a powerful, flexible, option filled piece of software. In fact it’s got options on it’s options. To a new user, well, this can be confusing. Very confusing.

So I thought I had the books module enabled. After all, it gave ‘Books’ to me as an option under ‘Create Content’ so that seemed like a reasonable assumption. Except the module wasn’t enabled, so rather than publishing the chapters of a book, I was publishing separate books… When I figured out that I had a problem, I went back, and after fighting with the menus, finally got ‘Books’ enabled.

Then I uploaded everything again, this time as a book. But I left the original where it was, because I’d tweeted the original locations, and had the links in a blog post. Later, when I did go back to delete it, I found out that I could have linked it to the book I had created…

Gotta love learning curves. Still I now know 200% more about Drupal than I did a week ago, and I’m starting to see some really neat things that could be done with it.

Oh, and there’s now a full six chapters of my novel Book of Honor – Book 1 – Urbema up for anyone who wants to read it. And come to think of it, I’ve got to start chasing after a cover illustration!

One final thing – GO LEAFS GO!

Wayne Borean

Saturday March 12, 2011



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