Misinformation Wants To Be Free

Misinformation Wants To Be Free
Misinformation Wants To Be Free

Someone made a mistake. They asked me what I wanted. Specifically they asked me what I wanted that they could buy…

That’s a tricky one. While I’ve just love an Aston Martin DB 5, well, I know that they couldn’t afford to buy me one, even if they could find one. And most of what I want, besides books, I’ve got.

So that was it. I wanted a book. But which one?

Then it hit me. I just absolutely adore Mimi and Eunice. I think that Nina Paley is one of the most talented artists drawing comics. Her ability to say so much, with so little is just amazing. Consider today’s Mimi and Eunice, which is #315, titled Perfect Faith:

Perfect Faith
Perfect Faith

I had to shrink it to fit the confines of the blog, to see the full size original visit the link above. Consider how simple Mimi and Eunice are. The characters are circles. One has ears that stand up, the other ears the flop over. Both have short stick legs and feet, and the few times arms and hands show, they are as sticks as well.

But… Mimi and Eunice have personality! Loads of personality. I know real people, including some of my relatives who have less personality.

And in each short, simple, three panel comic strip, Nina makes a philosophical point. I know people who couldn’t manage to get a philosophical point across in 10,000 pages. Shear genius.

But best of all, she makes me laugh.

As someone who’s damned near a full-time shut in, I need all the laughs I can get. So I’m getting Nina’s book of Mimi and Eunice comics Misinformation Wants To Be Free.

Thanks Nina, for all the laughs.


Monday March 14, 2011



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