Writers Needed To Post Left, Right, Center, and Offside Comments to Blogs and Social Media

We are not a social media company, are not working for a political organization, have not been hired to help address any balance in the major media outlets. Instead we are a group of Independents who believe that the best way to advance political discourse in Canada is to on a non-partisan basis point out when we catch ANY politician lying.

For this purpose we are searching for a team of writers who will post to newspaper comments, media forums, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Twitter, Identi.ca, Facebook pages, etc. when they catch a politician committing perjury, being deceitful, being deceptive, being delusive, being delusory, dissembling, dissimulating, double-crossing, double-dealing, equivocating, being false, falsifying, fibbing, being guileful, inventing, being mendacious, being misleading, misrepresenting the situation, misstating the situation, being perfidious, prevaricating, being shifty, being treacherous, being tricky, being two-faced, two-timing, being unreliable, untruthful, or just plain wrong.

Some people will argue that it’s impossible to find a politician that isn’t in one of the states above. We say that they are being overly pessimistic. But if one of your local candidates does have a problem with the truth, it’s better (and less expensive) that the voters find out now, and not after candidate is elected and all of their family have secured jobs in Ottawa.

Your writing needs to be strong, truthful, and you have to call a spade a spade. Inflammatory language is not always a plus, it can alienate your audience. Direct language is a plus. Indirection often leaves the reader unsure of what you are saying. Choose your language with care.

You preferably already have a known online persona. Unlike certain political parties which rumors state are running ads seeking hired guns, we are looking for real people, who are already politically active in their local communities, and who care. People who are already following political news actively, and taking part in news forums and Facebook pages several times a daily. We want people who can see the weak points in political arguments, and know how to do quick research, to quickly rebut the stupidity of the day.

Compensation: The satisfaction of knowing you’ve done your political duty by holding some politician’s feet in the political fire.

How to apply: Start writing. This is a decentralized effort that every Canadian is invited to join. The aim is to have as much fun as possible, while increasing ant-acid consumption in Ottawa ten-fold. Before this election we didn’t have the infrastructure to do this properly. This time we do. Research that you cannot do yourself, someone else probably can do, quickly and easily.

By working as a gigantic Canadian Hive Mind, we can force our Political Under Class to work to a level of openness and honesty that they’ve never had to work to before. Some of them will rise to the challenge. I have high expectations of Charlie Angus of the NDP and Tony Clement of the Conservatives. Others I expect to crash and burn, most particularly Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatief.

Feel free to join the fun. I think that this election could be very enlightening!


Wayne Borean

Tuesday March 29, 2011



3 thoughts on “Writers Needed To Post Left, Right, Center, and Offside Comments to Blogs and Social Media

  1. Disapointing article. I was all excited thinking the links led to actual examples of ditry deeds but, here we only have the definitions of the deeds. 🙂

  2. Do you have to be a Canadian to write for this blog? I’m an American and I would like to write for this blog

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