Cameron Tilbury Latin Love Songs Album Downloaded 4720 Times!

Cameron Tilbury
Cameron Tilbury

By now everyone knows I contacted TorrentFreak. While I’m fairly well known, TorrentFreak is incredibly well known. I’m good at research. TorrentFreak is fantastic at research.

Let’s face it. I know that what I’d found was right. But, maybe I’d missed something. So why not go to an organization with a reputation for solid research and honest reporting, to ask them to check and make sure I hadn’t made any mistakes? Seemed like a good idea to me. Apparently it didn’t seem like a good idea to Cameron if their quotes of his responses are accurate 🙂

Then comes the fun part. In an article titled CRIA Watches Massive Music Piracy Crisis Devastate Unknown Band, TorrentFreak managed to confirm all of my conclusions about the number for Torrent Downloads. There either weren’t any, or there were so very view, that they would have made no difference to the band’s bottom line.

At which point you have to wonder. Did Cameron really not understand what was going on? If he didn’t understand, does he understand now?

Just in case he still doesn’t get it, I did some experimentation with one of the sites he might have used. I did a search for Cameron Tilbury Latin Love Songs:

Cameron Tilbury Latin Love Songs Search
Cameron Tilbury Latin Love Songs Search

You’ll note that Lime Torrents is reporting that Cameron Tilbury has an Album called Latin Love Songs out, and that it’s been downloaded thousands of times. Which is really curious because a Google search indicates that no such album exists.

But Latin music isn’t that rare. How about the tango? Now that’s rare. I did a search on Google for Cameron Tilbury Teaches the Tango. Then I hit the Torrent sites.

Cameron Tilbury Teaches the Tango - BTJUNKIE
Cameron Tilbury Teaches the Tango - BTJUNKIE

For a nonexistent album, Cameron sure got a lot of downloads at BTJunkie.

Cameron Tilbury Teaches the Tango - FullDls
Cameron Tilbury Teaches the Tango - FullDls

Not as many downloads at FullDls, but still respectable. Not bad Cameron. Maybe you should really make the album!

Cameron Tilbury Teaches the Tango - Torrentreactor
Cameron Tilbury Teaches the Tango - Torrentreactor

Hey, better numbers here! Cameron should sue those bastards for ripping him off! Just think of the money he could make. Oh, wait. He didn’t make the album, did he. I invented it. Then how could they be downloading something that doesn’t exist?

Cameron Tilbury Teaches the Tango - GigabitDownloads
Cameron Tilbury Teaches the Tango - GigabitDownloads

This is the killer. 19928 downloads of an album that doesn’t exist. Impressive, isn’t it? I didn’t know that Cameron was so talented that attract downloads to an album that he hasn’t recorded in a genre he doesn’t work in.

So where does this leave us?

Cameron is furious with me, because I exposed his incompetence. Contrary to what has been reported in certain quarters I’m not furious with Cameron. I am disappointed with him.

I pointed out some severe problems with a report, a report with claimed that their fan base was a bunch of thieves. When I proved that their fan base wasn’t a bunch of thieves, he at first refused to believe the truth. He then tried to claim that the evidence that I, and later Torrent Freak produced was faked. His final statement was an excellent choice of weasel words as I’ve ever seed:

In our original release we questioned the validity of the numbers:  “says ONE SOUL THRUST”S lead vocalist Salem Jones. ‘While I question the exact precision of these numbers–pirates are dishonest by nature–it appears they reflect a strong enough version of reality to bring a serious issue to light.'”

Sure enough, it would appear that not only are the downloads on pirate sites illegal, but their numbers are pretty shady too.

One thing that has been made abundantly clear, is that if an artist sticks out their neck in defence of an honest day’s work, they will be the subject of a malicious attack.  I personally am being attacked on Twitter, Facebook, email and even Skype.  And why?  Because a debut album by an independent Canadian band is listed on torrent sites around the world and we had the audacity to point that out.

Bottom line–ONE SOUL THRUST is a great Canadian band and not a single copy of any of its music should be downloaded without their permission.

Bottom line, the debut album of One Soul Thrust is not available on ‘Torrent Sites around the world.’ The fans of One Soul Thrust are owed an apology by the band, and the band’s management, for claiming that they are pirates when they aren’t.

In fact if I was the band I’d be frantically getting my lawyers to look for a way to break the contract with the manager. Cameron Tilbury has just become a massive liability, such a massive liability that he could end up destroying the band. The band is more important than the manager. The manager can be replaced. The band can’t be.


Wayne Borean

Monday April 4, 2011



10 thoughts on “Cameron Tilbury Latin Love Songs Album Downloaded 4720 Times!

  1. This is the funniest article I have ever read on Torrent Freak. My poor wife was also confused by those “pull-you-in by-showing-results-no-matter-what-you-are-searching-for”, imaginary torrents. But she figured it out just like you did -by typing in a search for media that could not possibly exist. How hard can it be to figure this out? Didn’t they learn about fools gold in grade school? I will laugh about this for the rest of my life, thanks Mad Hatter.

    1. I really don’t know. It’s seems like the Nigerian/419 scam to me. And people do fall for it. All of the time.

      It’s the old wish fulfillment dream. You know you are good. Your sales aren’t what you would expect. You poke around the torrent sites, and find out that someone has downloaded your album 100K times. Rather than check to see if the numbers are reliable, you instantly leap to the conclusion that this is what happened to the sales that you should have had, but didn’t get. So you scream, bloody blue murder.

      Then when some guy points out that you are standing there naked with your dick hanging out…

      Well, you know what happened after that. I almost feel sorry for Cameron. I do feel sorry for the band. They’ve signed a contract with this guy, and unless there’s an escape clause, they are stuck with them, and he’s going to be an anchor around their career.


  2. Very well done exposing that SOB… and good luck to the band, they’ll need it.

    Speaking of the band, do they actually exist? They’re awfully quiet.

    1. Yes, they do exist. I was in contact with them, before I broke the first story (and no, I didn’t warn them).

      I’d already pointed out to them all of the flaws I saw on their website, which I think left them less than happy with me. When the story hit, they cut all contact, which you can do through Facebook. And that’s their choice. I’m not going to bother them. At some point they’ll realize that all I was doing was telling the truth. Or maybe they won’t. Really there’s nothing I can do about their attitude.

      However if I was them, I’d be getting my lawyer to look into breaking the contract with Cameron Tilbury. He’s just demonstrated that he’s incompetent, and you don’t want an incompetent managing your band. The impression he tries to give on his website is that he’ll handle everything, leaving you free to make music. Sounds like the same sort of scheme Richard Madoff was running, give me your money, I’ll invest it, and you don’t have to worry about anything.

      I’m not saying that Cameron isn’t honest on the financial side. He probably is. It’s just that No matter what business you are in, whether it’s music, finance, residential mortgages, or baking, you don’t hand over control. Never. Ever. It just isn’t safe. You might let someone run the day to day operations, but you make the final decisions, because it’s YOUR money on the line.


  3. I’m an unknown artist and I highly recommend that you illegally download and share my EP, Mixed Nuts by Maricomio Project! Cameron Tillbury, whoever that is, is missing out on a prime opportunity to widen his fan base. People aren’t going to listen to your music if you antagonize them!

  4. I’m still questioning this whole thing… I can’t believe that Mr. Tilbury could be so defensive and intellectually challenged as to not understand the situation. The fact that he has responded in what could be best described as a highly emotional manner with extremely obfuscated statements suggests that either (a) he really doesn’t understand, or (b) he’s trying to mis-direct the situation. I don’t know that I want to explain where logic takes me if either one, the other, or both of those statements are true…it’s not a very positive place, and it leads me into questioning motivations and the CRIA’s “support”.

    As you have concluded, the band is really what matters at this point. They really do need to be finding other representation and putting as much distance as they can between themselves and Mr. Tilbury. He’s put his reputation on the line, and proven that his knowledge and understanding in this area aren’t what they need to be, and in the process he’s put the reputation of this band on the line as well and is taking them down with him.

    1. Agreed. The band needs a new Manager. But I suspect that they may find it impossible to break the contract, even if he’s shown himself to be a total liability (and this story has spread across the mainstream press as well – I’ve been watching it – Google his name).

      As to the CRIA, my feeling is that they are desperate. They are loosing business fast. A lot of artists are working out their contracts, and then going solo. You should hear the utter bilge that some of the higher ups from Warner Music and Universal Music are spewing about how important the artists are. And how upset they get when you point out their traditional treatment of the artists.

      The majority of the CRIA is made up of the Canadian arms of the big four labels, none of which are Canadian, or have Canadian interests in mind. They’d like to see Canadian Content regulations gone, and just import everything. It would cut their costs, and increase profits. Of course trying to kill CanCon would be political suicide for any party, but you have to wonder if they haven’t been negotiating for a loosening of it?


    1. Bryon,

      Neither as far as I know. The title was meant as a joke. I’ve been attempting to learn Latin, the dead language, so that I could read some of the classical books in the original. I had one of my Latin text books beside me when I read the Torrent Freak write up explaining how Cameron had gotten taken in by the “Give us your Credit Card scam ad” on Lime Torrents.

      Add that, plus the Law & Order SVU Episode that was on TV at the same time which had a rather pretty Latino hooker…

      So I came up with a smart ass title, which was meant to be as unlikely as possible. Obviously I didn’t make it unlikely enough.


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