87.91% Of Canadian Facebook Users Think Contempt Charge Of Substance To Canadian Election

Facebook Poll by Steve Ireson
Facebook Poll by Steve Ireson

Facebooker Steve Ireson was really concerned. He thought that the Mainstream Media was ignoring the contempt finding. In fact he thought that it was far more important to Canadians than the media realized.

He decided to run a poll. Unscientific you say. Maybe, but an election is unscientific too. You’ve got a bunch of amateurs, many of who haven’t paid a damned bit of attention to the issues since the last election. Some of them may not have paid any attention last election either. Hell, they may not even have voted. How do you tell? We don’t exactly keep good records of that sort of thing.

Steve’s poll is at least as scientific as an election.

So why are Facebook users so heavily weighted this way? Maybe the media should be working on finding out, and considering how this could impact the election, rather than running titles like Are We Growing Tired Of Democracy. Our media looks more like the American media every day.

If you haven’t yet voted in Steve’s poll, click here to do so.


Wayne Borean

Sunday April 17, 2011



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