The Rebirth of Encyclopedia Dramatica

The New, Improved, Encyclopedia Dramatica
The New, Improved, Encyclopedia Dramatica

I heard rumors tonight that Anonymous had self destructed. This made me curious. Anonymous would be about as likely to self destruct as Niagara Falls is likely to flow backwards. Individual members of Anonymous might lose interest or move on for various reasons, but the ethics and morals driving Anonymous are a powerful socio-economic recruitment tool which promises that Anonymous itself is in for a period of sustained growth, until the problems which brought it into being are addressed by the corporations and governments that it is fighting.

And we know how likely that is…

So what exactly was going on?

I dropped into IRC to ask. After a case a while back when I ‘appeared’ in the IRC channels when I was no where near them I set up procedures to identify myself with several people. Considering the recent arrests, Anonymous has reasons to be paranoid, even when they aren’t discussing anything illegal. I respect that.

I identified myself, and why I was there. In other words, while I’m around in IRC, everything you say is being recorded, and could appear in the article I’m writing. This wasn’t met with 100% approval. I didn’t expect it to be. As I said, they have reason to be paranoid.

However I also have reason to be protective of my sources. I identified myself and my reason for being there as soon as I arrived, so that they wouldn’t say anything that they shouldn’t. Like good little Anons, they didn’t say anything that they shouldn’t while I was there. Since they didn’t, I can’t report on that.

On Encyclopedia Dramatica there were quite willing to talk.

The original Encyclopedia Dramatica was a .COM site that was founded by ‘girlvinyl’ (I know the real name, but I’m not publishing it). It had run for years, with various Anons editing it for the Lulz. Then it went down for maintenance. No warning. No idea that there’s any problem. When it comes back up it’s redirecting to ‘Oh Inter Net’ (and no, I’m not providing a link).

The new site is what is known on the net as an ‘ATM’ or ‘cash machine.’ It exists solely to collect hits and serve ads. In other words what was a fun site, is now a money maker.

Anonymous was, and is, incensed. Actually that’s too mild. You could feed them a Cadillac and they’d spit out machine gun bullets at 1000 feet per second. They are mad enough to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Part of the problem was that there was no warning. They had no chance to back anything up. No chance to plan a replacement before hand. Instead they had to start working after the fact, in a mad scramble. A really mad scramble.

As of midnight they had managed to restore about 9000 pages. As of 1:20 AM the number had climbed to 12,000 pages. Not all of the pages are complete. Some are missing images. Some are missing video. Some might be missing snippets of text. Some pages might be missing.

They will happily accept more volunteers.

Meanwhile the work proceeds. To their moto:

We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

can now be added:

We get the job done, with pride!

Click here to visit the new Encyclopedia Dramatica (and don’t forget to update your links!)


Wayne Borean

Sunday April 17, 2011



4 thoughts on “The Rebirth of Encyclopedia Dramatica

      1. The first time I saw ED I got the impression Anonymous were dark vicious pranksters, yet… Self aware pranksters. You can skip over 9000 degrees of masonry just by reading it.

        Then someone f’d with homeless people, self aware homeless people. You are no doubt getting the theme of this post. As a result, I started a project called Magnanimous which had good ideas but not a lot of action. Then one day, I realized I had to stop hating people who litter and just throw the trash out myself. That started the process that got me involved in Anon. I still tinker in the project, but it’s to provide a dynamic that keeps things going.

        Anonymous is the gun powder.
        Telecomix provides the infinite zoom lens.
        Project PM sends the invitation to the target.
        Magnanimous is the lady in red.

        The public is the bullet. S**t just got real.

        1. And thus we become politicized. My own journey was similar, along a different route, but to the same conclusion. Throw the trash out is a good definition. And the lulz is what keeps me sane while doing it.

          Last week some people I know (I know people in low, really low places) announced that the cover art for their new book was ready. I’d someone missed the original announcement of the book. Sometimes my advocacy projects means I don’t pay as much attention to friends as I should. When I heard the title of the book I ROFLMAO for about 15 minutes, and Barry Sookman, James Gannon, and Richard Owens, the three main lawyers that I know work with the Canadian Recording Industry Association arrived back to work from the Easter Holiday to find an email from me waiting for them at work, suggesting that they check out the book.

          You might want to read Lawyers in Hell too, I know several of the writers who contributed stories, and they are among the best.


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