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SemiAccurate Logo

About a week ago I was officially hired by SemiAccurate. I hadn’t gotten around to posting about it, because I’ve been a lot of fun, writing some really interesting articles.

Charlie Demerjian, the owner of SemiAccurate used to write for The Inquirer back in it’s heyday, when Mad Mike Magee owned it.

Charlie wrote some wonderful pieces. His ability to see through the bullshit (hey, I’m a farm boy – I know bullshit when I see it) drove press drones to distraction. Some of his pieces were, well, controversial is a good word. Hell, they were down right inflammatory. And damned funny. His article HD disk format wars are over started flame wars all over the net. But he was dead on accurate, funny as hell, and probably had executives at Sony, Microsoft, Toshiba, Apple, and a dozen other companies wishing they had Tony Soprano on speed dial.

When after Mike sold The Inquirer, Charlie departed fairly swiftly, I wasn’t surprised. I didn’t see Charlie working at a standard corporate news site, which was what The Inquirer was becoming.

Along with many others, I cheered when Charlie started SemiAccurate. There’s too few sites that report the news without pulling punches. While I didn’t know Charlie well (we’ve never meet, but we’d exchanged emails), I knew that he’d report what he saw, rather than what they wanted him to report.

So I became a fairly regular visitor, and when Charlie started using Twitter, followed him on Twitter. One day browsing the site I see this:

SemiAccurate needs unicorn wranglers
SemiAccurate needs unicorn wranglers

I didn’t qualify for the Unicorn Wrangler part – anyone with three kids is NOT a virgin. But I can write. I quickly dashed off an email, with some fantastically intelligent title. OK, it wasn’t all that intelligent. It said ‘Hire Me’.

I’d been looking for a writing job, and run into the old Catch 22. You can’t get a writing job, unless you’ve got a writing job. Or run into someone who already knows you and knows that you can write. I was lucky. Charlie remembered me, and had actually read a couple of my recent pieces, and liked them.

So I’m writing for SemiAccurate, and having a fun.

That means that some of my writing will be appearing there in future. I will be posting links here for all pieces that do appear there. I can’t state directly that all of a particular topic will move, because we are still working out exactly what they want from me.

Patent articles that are computer hardware/software related will go to S|A. Patent articles about other technologies may go here, or there, depending. Copyright articles may end up either place. Canadian politics and military articles will go here. Articles about the Canadian Recording Industry Association will go here. Articles about Anonymous will go here.

In other words, we are playing it by ear. If I think that S|A would be interested, I offer them the article first. So far, they’ve snapped up everything I’ve offered, starting with:

Real Ipad competitors finally appearing

Apple Builds Defective Time Machine: Time Lords Complain on Eve of New Doctor Who Season

Finnish Consumer Complaints Board Recommends EUR 100 Rebate for Removal of ‘Other OS Functionality’ From PS3

Patent Wars: Oracle v. Google: Deep Background – From Before the Republic

Open Office and Libre Office duel over versioning: When 3.4 does not equal 3.4

Patents and Intellectual Property: Want to make your voices heard?

Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action.: What do you get when you put Steve Jobs in a Roman Toga?

And there are more on the way.


Wayne Borean

Thursday April 28, 2011



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