Operation Iran ( #OPIRAN ) – Anonymous Next Target may be Irna.ir & Leader.ir !

Website hit during Operation Iran
Website hit during Operation Iran

Anonymous isn’t known for subtlety. Just ask HBGary Federal.

Operation Iran has been going on for some time. Another thing Anonymous is known for is patience. Operation Iran, short name OpIran is a long term project. Like most of Anonymous’ projects it has a somewhat grandiose aim. It is intended to take down the government of Iran, and ensure religious and political freedom for the Iranian people.

It’s going to be an interesting situation. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about it, from a lot of people who think that I know a lot more about Anonymous than I do. Yes, I know a bit, but I’d suggest that rather than taking my word on anything, that you check out the links below.

Operation Iran ( #OPIRAN ) – Anonymous Next Target may be Irna.ir & Leader.ir ! – Feb. 11, 2011

OpIran Press Release -Anonymous to The Noble People of Iran ! – Feb. 13, 2011

OpIran Twitter Feed – Current

YouTube Message on OpIran – Feb. 13, 2011

#OpIran Poster being distributed – Feb. 10, 2011

Vanzetti’s Ghost OpIran Updates – Current

OpIran Official Press Release for 01MAY2011 – Apr. 30, 2011

OpIran Facebook Page – Current

As to Anonymous having patience, this morning Anonymous uploaded to a Torrent site a 1.2 GigaByte zipped file which is claimed to come from the United States Chamber Commerce. Anonymous first showed interest in the Chamber after the HBGary Federal Fiasco, when Anonymous learned from emails obtained from the HBGary email server that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce had been considering hiring HBGary.

A discussion of the documents is going on at The Daily Kos, and probably at other places online.


Wayne Borean

Saturday April 30, 2011


One thought on “Operation Iran ( #OPIRAN ) – Anonymous Next Target may be Irna.ir & Leader.ir !

  1. Update: Anonymous says that they didn’t hit the Chamber. The Daily Kos has updated their article to reflect this. Barrett Brown posted a response saying he has doubts about the file on Reddit (and yes I’m sure it’s him, I got the link from an account that I know is his).

    Steve Ragan at The Tech Herald has good coverage. Read it.


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