Snow Leopard Font Update Requires Reboot

Apple Inc. builds nicely designed computers, with a nice looking, stable, virus proof operating system. But…

When you wake up on a Saturday morning wanting to write an article, and find out that your laptop computer wants to install an operating system update, well, no big deal. When you find out that it wants to reboot when you intended to get some work done, that’s a damned annoyance. Being me, I then check to find out exactly why. Because that’s what I do after all, and my Linux boxes NEVER reboot.

Snow Leopard Font Update Version 1.0
Snow Leopard Font Update Version 1.0

When I find out the damned computer wants to reboot because it’s going to install the Snow Leopard Font Update Version 1.0 which takes up a grand total of 4.0 Megabytes, well, I’m a bit upset. I’m not kidding you. That is the exact reason the damned thing wanted to reboot.

Take a look at the screen grab, and you’ll see why I’m fuming. Yes, I could put it off till later.

I’m surprised, no I’m shocked that a company with the programming skills of Apple cannot update the font sub-system without needing to reboot the OS.

This computer has its advantages. It’s better built than any Dell, Acer, or HP/Compaq that I have ever owned. The only machine that matched it for build quality was an IBM ThinkPad. It’s also comfortable to work on, which is important when you punch out 4-5000 words per day.

But rebooting for something like this? Sheesh! Apple should get a life. Maybe Apple should get two lives, and join us mere mortals in the real world, where deadlines must be meet, and articles must be filed.


Wayne Borean

Wednesday May 18. 2011

PS: I just noticed that this was sitting in ‘draft’ status, I thought I’d published it a month ago 🙂



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