Software Licensing – Don’t Complain If You Don’t Like The License Part 2

Really Bill. Don’t complain that a license that you don’t like is ‘un-American’. Don’t moan that it’s communistic. Well, actually he complained that it was Pac-Man like, which at least showed some imagination, unlike his software.

Bill, it’s simple. If you don’t like the license, there’s nothing forcing you to use the software. There’s nothing forcing your customer to use it. You keep telling us how important Capitalism is, and how it nothing can compete with the benefits of Capitalism. But then you complain that you can’t compete against free ‘as in speech’ software. You do realize that this doesn’t make any sense, don’t you?

Pardon my sarcasm. What it comes down it is that Bill doesn’t like competition. Time and time again his company has proven that it is incapable of competing in a level marketplace. The only way Microsoft can survive is if it’s in a Monopoly situation, or if it’s competitor is so incompetent (think of Sony and their liberal use of the Foot Gun) that it beggars belief.

It continually amazes me how many people I meet who think that Microsoft is the greatest company on the face of the planet. I recently read this absolutely incredible blog post by some deluded fool who was calling on Microsoft to bring order to the EBook market. I was one of half a dozen people who corrected him on his facts about Microsoft Innovation.

The shock was clearly evident in his writing at the responses he had drawn. Even in the face of clear and indisputable evidence that he was wrong, he still clung to the belief that Microsoft was the one and only savior of the EBook marketplace.

Totally amazing.


Wayne Borean

Tuesday May 24, 2011



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