Amazon Backstabs Apple – Will Apple Break HTML5 Capabilities in Safari?

IPad - the most successful tablet PC to date
IPad - the most successful tablet PC to date

Amazon has decided not to put up with Apple’s attempt to make IBook the only application with in-application book purchasing. Amazon’s work around was to build an HTML5 Kindle Application replacement.

Apple has made a series of moves recently which make it clear that it does not want any competition on its own platforms. Amazon, the largest EBook retail decided not to take this lying down, and produced a work around, one which has gotten a lot of coverage.

I have vendor accounts with both Apple and Amazon. Both are problematic in their own ways, and there is a future article coming which will describe the advantages and disadvantages of them, and several of the other stores. I’m not going to surprise anyone by saying that Apple is a very limited market. A lucrative market, but limited. Amazon has a far wider penetration, but has some nasty technical bugs. Amazon’s only advantage is that they were first, they definitely aren’t the best.

Apple’s attempts to limit competition on their devices are short-sighted. No, make that stupid. The IPad and IPhone owners I know who use the Kindle and Kobo applications have not been amused by Apple’s antics, including one long-term (2o plus years) Apple owner. Alienating your customers is a dumb tactic. Some people are considering Android devices as an option to show their disgust with Apple.

How will it play out?

Apple thinks to their advantage. I think they’re playing with fire. Reputation is a finite good. When you deliberately hurt your reputation to maximize your profits…


Wayne Borean

Thursday August 11, 2011


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