Canada Needs a Conservative Political Party

Kleo and Me
Kleo and Me

Yesterday it was Provincial politics. Today it’s Federal.

I’ve already annoyed a bunch of people by saying this, but we have a problem. Currently we don’t have a Conservative party in Canada. We have a party that calls itself Conservative. But it isn’t.

The current Conservative Party of Canada is actually the Corporate Party of Canada. This causes problems for someone like myself who is a Conservative, and is looking on in horror at what their party is doing.

But it isn’t my party any more. It’s been hijacked. What was my party, has undergone a hostile take over.

Oh, there are still some Conservatives in the party. I know several of them, and some of them are still in positions of power in Ottawa. It’s possible that one or more of them might even end up in a place to take over the party, and steer it back onto the right track.

Possible, but not likely. Not unless the rest of us, who want a real Conservative Party, are willing to attempt to take back our party.

Are we willing to do that? Or do we need to form a new party to replace the current mess?

I don’t know. I’m curious that no one else appears to have noticed this. I made this point to one of the few people who I regard as a real Conservative in Ottawa about this time last year. He thinks that I’m over reacting. But he can’t explain why every piece of legislation tabled benefits the corporate sector.


Wayne Borean

Tuesday October 4, 2011


10 thoughts on “Canada Needs a Conservative Political Party

  1. I feel the same, many do.  Its as though the Conservative partisans around me suddenly began to drink the Koolaid and forgot the core principles. Spend spend, misuse, more government etc.

    And they expect their followers to cheer and not raise a questioning voice or dissent.

    I saw this in my own riding, when our newly elected MP got a government grant given to his campaign team buddies who sat on a private board with no business plan nor mandate.

    Wrong is wrong…and I’m not a Conservative to just eat from the public trough.

    1. When you point out to them that pouring tons of taxpayer money into industry coffers isn’t Conservative they look at you like you are crazy. When you haul out a dictionary and show them a definition of Conservative they close their eyes. When you show them examples of Conservative politicians, like Winston Churchill, they run screaming.

      Because they aren’t Conservatives.

      We’ve lost the party. We have two choices as I see it.

      1) Fight to take the party back.
      2) Start a new party.

      Doing nothing is not an option. Note that the Americans and the Brits have the same damned problem.


  2. Actually, the current Conservative Party is the Reform Party of Canada.  The merger was the metaphorical “selling of the soul” of the true PC party.  It should never have happened.  It certainly wasn’t the PC side of the merger that received the most benefit.  I say the same the thing about the idea of a merger between the Liberals and the NDP.  I want centre-right and centre-left parties, not extremists.

    Ironically, it looks like the Green Party is the most ideal centrist and common sense centrist Federal party I’ve seen for awhile.

    1. While historically you are correct, the Reform Party of Canada wasn’t aligned with the Corporate Sector in the way that the Conservative Party of Canada is. I suspect that Preston Manning is less than happy with the direction that the Conservative Party has taken.

      If you check the Reform Party Wikipedia Page you will find no reference to the party being a lap dog of the corporations.

      Many of the current Federal Conservatives have had nothing to do with Reform. If you look at their history a lot of them came into politics through their provincial parties, and unless they are from Alberta, had no contact with Social Credit aka Reform.


      1. I would agree that what the current “Reform party” is is a far cry from what Preston Manning envisioned.  I would rather have Preston Manning as Prime Minister right now.  The Reform/Conservative MP in a nearby riding is also apparently not really fond of the current government either.

        BTW, I assume that when we are talking about the Reform Party, that also includes the Alliance Party, unless there is something I don’t know.

        I suppose it wasn’t so much the Reform Party as it was the merger process itself.  I would have tolerated the Reform/Alliance Party if it had stayed separated.  The merger destroyed the souls of the source parties.

        1. The Alliance wasn’t really Reform. You should do some reading on the subject, it involves a ton of back stabbing. It is a wonder that Preston Manning isn’t dead of iron poisoning from all of the knives in his back.

          A lot of Conservative Party of Canada Members of Parliament aren’t happy with the current government. There isn’t a lot that they can do unless we get up off our asses, and take back enough riding associations so that making their feelings known isn’t political suicide. At least where they are at present, they can influence things in a limited way. If all of the Conservative Party MPs were Corporatists things would be far worse.

          Consider Bill C-10, one of the great Corporate Welfare scams of our time. Or Bill C-11, a Corporate Welfare scam for American companies.

          Conservatives need to get involved if they want to change things, and the first thing is to dust off their party membership card, and get active.


  3. Dispose of labels, they are irrelevant. Vote for a party that represents your interests, regardless of past.

    The NDP are the only ones who have our interests at heart. The liberals have proven they’re just a lighter version of the same crap going on with the so-called “conservative” party (See G20 summit in Toronto last year, McGuinty’s secret police law, + recent $58-million dollar loan to re-open asbestos mine in quebec).

    The conservatives are turning the country into a cesspool of cancer and government corruption. I used to say “anyone but them”, but I’m seeing that the libs have some skeletons that will actually haunt us too.

    1. Really? My local Green Candidate would happily debate you on that. In fact my local Green Candidate would happily debate the local NDP candidate, if the NDP candidate would hold still for five seconds.

      Possibly we need a system which leaves the candidates with more freedom to work outside party lines. Of course the United States has that, and they have a level of corruption that is absolutely insane.


      1. You know, I’m actually fond of the green party and I would vote for them if the NDP didn’t exist.
        My apologies for doing what so many have done and acted as if the greens did not exist while actually talking about the “big 3”.

        I think the NDP represent many of the same values as the green party but have a more comprehensive plan for dealing with a lot of issues affecting us, especially in my province of Ontario. The local green candidate also, unfortunately, shot himself in the foot and lost a lot of respect when he didn’t show up to debates, citing reasons such as “they’re not discussing the important issues” – meanwhile the things they were talking about were mental health support for children, etc. – pretty damn important to people. I think most of the green voters switched to NDP in my riding because of his performance or lack thereof.

        I have no issues with the green party. Consider my comments as directed to liberal and conservative interests.

        1. I know a lot of politicians. There’s good and bad in all parties. In many ways the party system is our biggest problem. The ability that the Party Whips have to keep the back benchers in line damages democracy.

          But while I know some of them, I don’t have very much pull in Ottawa. I can assure you that several members of the Conservative Party have read this post. At least one was totally horrified that I would make a public statement like this. He’s a party loyalist through and through.

          But I’m hoping that this may make some people start to think. Do you know that if a hundred extra people in every riding joined the Conservative Party, that would shift control of at least half of the ridings back to old line Conservatives from the Corporatists?


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