The Joy of Computers

Kleo and Me
Kleo and Me

I was talking to Science Fiction and Fantasy writer and old friend Shirley Meier about publishing options. One thing that I pointed out was that Shirley needed a “Shirley” website. She has sites. Eclipse Court tells part of an enormous future history. Another is about her Shiatsu training.

But she doesn’t have one that is about Shirley. So she decided to register a site, and I volunteered to host it. I’ve got excess bandwidth, so why not?

We got the site registered, went to set it up on my server, and things went weird. Next thing I knew all sixteen sites I host were down, even though the control panel was still running fine. I rebooted the server. No change.

I knew there had been some problems for a while. I’d been too busy to look into them. Now I was paying the price.

After fighting with everything, I’ve finally got back up. I know what’s wrong with the other sites, but I’m too tired to keep on working with them tonight.

It all comes down to the minor settings. Totally silly stuff. But it is a total pain in the backside.

There are days that I hate computers. I could be doing something productive. Instead I’m spending it messing with fiddly little crap.

Yes, I know I could pay someone to do this. But it would cost me more than the six hours I’ve wasted.

And yes, Kleo has been cuddled up against my feet the entire time. She’s a great help.


Wayne Borean

Friday October 7, 2011


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