Running the Stats

Kleo and Me
Kleo and Me

Kleo and I have a fantastic stats package. If you run a Word Press Blog, I strongly suggest that you install Jetpack by and WP-Stats-Dashboard. Between the two of them, they’ll tell you most of what you need to know.

They are really useful for spotting odd things.

Now odd things are common around here. There are 526 posts published, 527 when this one goes live. The posts cover a range of subjects. Let’s look at the reports, and see what they well us.

Report - October 13, 2011
Report - October 13, 2011

Well that’s odd. I know what I’ve posted recently. The top post, The Anatomy of Anonymous – An Analysis Of Probable Future Actions is from February 11, 2011. I may be weird, but I’m not weird enough to consider February 11, 2011 recent. Are the any other oddballs posts there?

Yes, there is. Ubuntu – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly is from January 20, 2011, Server Operating System Market Share – Lies, Lies, And More Lies is from November 6, 2010, The Mythical Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field Debunked was from February 3, 2011, and Microsoft Death Watch – Libre Office Drives Another Nail Into The Coffin is from October 31, 2010, it forgot to wear its mask, and has scared people ever since.

Let’s look further.

Wednesday October 12, 2011
Wednesday October 12, 2011

Isn’t that curious. We’ve got an article which didn’t show up on the first page. It is Facebook and Windows Security Breach from August 26, 2011. Let’s look at the One Week listing.

7 days ending 2011-10-13
7 days ending 2011-10-13

Note that they Anatomy of Anonymous, a nine month old article is suddenly as popular as a current article about a subject which is drawing a lot of attention. Well, it’s drawing a lot of attention from other writers, editors, and publishers (I am all three. I get paid to write, I have three books on sale, I get paid to edit, and I make money as a publisher so I’m damned interested in the subject).

As to Anonymous, well, they are nice people. There are a lot of them. Apparently a lot more than most people suspect. If any hibernating article was to stop napping suddenly, an Anonymous article would be the one I’d vote for.

I know these people. Their greatest weakness is also their greatest strength. They’d be hard put to organize a kegger at a brewery. Hell, most of them are probably underage, and more concerned with trying to get their hands into the pants of someone of the appropriate sex, then anything else.

That’s what makes them dangerous. Because when they wake up and do something…

Let’s go further back in time.

30 days ending 2011-10-13
30 days ending 2011-10-13

It just keeps on climbing higher up the chart.

90 days ending 2011-10-13
90 days ending 2011-10-13

So it looks like some time in the last ninety days something happened which got people excited about Anonymous again, and I missed it. So I’ve got to ask. What did I miss? Because if there’s something neat going on about Anonymous I want to write about it!



Thursday October 13, 2011


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