Great Exploding Websites Batman, NaNoWriMo, and Publishing

Me and my junior editor, Kleopatra
Me and my junior editor, Kleopatra

We still don’t know all the details, but the sites are now coming back up, one but one.

That’s the unexciting news. The exciting news is after the cut…

NaNoWriMo 2011

I was going to skip NaNoWriMo 2011. I’ve got stuff that is nearly ready for publication. The main thing holding be back is that I decided that I’d do Mom’s backlist first, and it has proven a bit more of a challenge than I’d thought.

While it was published previously, the editing just isn’t up to my standards. Rather than reformatting and publishing, I’m editing, reformatting, and publishing.

I’m fast, but you can do it fast, or do it right. I choose to do it right. So my writing is falling behind the curve. I needed something to stretch my muscles.

And then Brandon asked me if I was going to take part in NaNoWriMo. Synapses began to fire, and in five minutes I had a thoroughly evil plan, so I got Brandon on IM and started to reel the sucker, erm, future collaborator in.

And I sold him on it.

Brandon Lozza, ex-Fedora Ambassador, Conspiracy Theorist, and all around fun lunatic, is going to collaborate on a NaNoWriMo novel with Wayne Borean, Political Gadfly, Copyright Pain in the Ass, Canadian Publisher, Futurist, and a man with the personality of Rabid Wolverine.

Check out the NaNoWriMo Suicide Pact 2011

This is a writing challenge until WRITER’S CRAMP forces one or the other writer to give up. Or until we run out of November, but that wouldn’t be any fun, would it?

We’ll alternate word chunks of varying sizes. Or mostly alternate. If eighteen hours goes by without a post being made, the original posted is welcome to pop back in. This could cause confusion if two posts are placed within seconds of each other. Guess we’ll just have to write our way out of that mess too!

Often the character/s maybe thrown into a situation where he or she might be killed and the next person has to exercise their ingenuity to write them out of it. Or maybe they’ll suffer a fate worse than death. Remember Buford “Mad Dog” Tannen from Back to the Future 3?

“I hate shit.”

Our aim is to hit 100K words or more on November 30th, and to stretch our writing muscles. This isn’t a contest, no matter how it’s written above. This is a collaboration. We want to make it the best book that we can, and publish it. We’ve discussed a couple of basic plot ideas. I suspect that they will last at least two days.

We welcome everyone to check it out. Wayne plans to have his first installment posted by noon on Tuesday. Brandon is going to try to have his first rejoinder posted by about Six PM.

And please feel free to comment! We’d really appreciate your ideas.


Wayne Borean & Brandon Lozza

Monday October 31, 2011



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