Corporate Copyright Scofflaws 0011a – Hephaestus Books – Follow Up

C.J. Cherryh
C.J. Cherryh

On October 31, 2011, I wrote about the Hephaestus Books scam, following a blog post by award-winning writer C. J. Cherryh. Since CJ spotted the problem, a variety of things have happened.

Several of us have passed the word. Writer P. C. Hodgell wrote a Live Journal post about my email to her. I know that several writers have complained to the Science Fiction Writers of America, however since they haven’t given me permission to comment, I can’t tell you their names.

Thanks to tips, I can now tell you that in addition to Amazon and Barnes and Noble, the Diesel Bookstore, Books A Million, Chapters-Indigo, Superbookshop, Abe Books, Abe Books UK, Discount Book Sale (which only has 3600 books – I talked to an online agent named Rachel and told her about the original article, hopefully she will pass it on to management).

The Sony Book Store joins Smashwords as being a Hephaestus free zone.

Lookupbook has a page on Hephaestus, apparently it is from Texas.

The Bundelkhand portal has a couple of Hephaestus books listed. It appears that the operators of the portal don’t realize what is going on.

Goodreads has a really interesting Hephaestus page. They have a really good rating. I wonder how that could have happened? Methinks I smell a rat.

Other Writers

Starfleetlibrary has an article, and mentions a couple of other companies which have done Wikipedia reprints. Is Hephaestus related is their question.

Robin Hobb wrote Caveat Emptor! Hephaestus Books, which she posted both to her website, and to her Live Journal.

James Nicoll has had some extra comments since his Live Journal was mentioned in the comments on my last article. One of the comments lead me to Jerry Pornelle’s site, Chaos Manor, where Jerry did some solid research.

Dominique le Roux has comments from South Africa. Jeff Duntermann wrote on November 4th, as did Lawrence Person.

But is it Doing Any Good?

Not so far. So tomorrow I’m picking up the telephone, and making some calls. I want to interview some people. If your phone rings, duck.


Wayne Borean

Monday November 7, 2011


2 thoughts on “Corporate Copyright Scofflaws 0011a – Hephaestus Books – Follow Up

  1. Seth Godin is on the warpath:

    In response, W. H. Dean worries about the ineffectiveness of countermeasures against such publishers as Hephaestus Books:

    Rasmus Fleischer reports that librarians purchasing books in Sweden have been fooled by HB. As of 12 October, the Stockholm University Library had ordered at least two Hephaestus titles.

    (For English speakers, here’s a machine translation: –the availability of this for those of us not literate in Swedish is definitely a point in favor of the robots!)

    Bill Higgins

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