I’ve got this strange blonde woman…

Well, she’s got herself. Renée and I met on the net a while back. We are both writers, and both interested in a wide range of subjects. Our discussions get pretty wild sometimes…

Renée is a college teacher. My wife worked in teaching. So when Renée talks about teaching, I understand some of what she is saying. I’ve had some exposure to the profession, even though it’s been over thirty years since I’ve been in a classroom.

Renée decided to run a series about teachers who “made a difference”, and asked regular readers of her blog to contribute. You know there was this one guy in High School, who taught me that the impossible wasn’t?

Go read the story at Renée’s blog.

Then sit back and thank God, G-d, Allah, or whoever for teachers, who are usually underpaid, overworked, and among the least appreciated members of our society, but without which, it wouldn’t function.


Wayne Borean

Friday February 3, 2012



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